New Doll DalilaDolls: Denel'Adell

Jan 7, 2017

    1. Hello Everyone!
      I'd like you to meet my new Artist BJD -Denel'Adell in black resin.


      He is One of a Kind Artist BJD

      Doll Measurements:

      -Total Height (Head included) : 43cm

      -Girth of head: 13cm

      -Girth of Neck: 8cm

      -Width of shoulders:11cm

      -Length of arm(socket to wrist): 14cm

      -Girth of Chest: 22cm

      -Girth of waist: 15cm

      -Girth of hips: 8cm

      -Length from Hip to Foot: 23.5cm

      -Girth of Thigh: 11cm

      -Length of Foot: 5cm

      Face-up, special effect 7mm eyes(amethyst rhinestone pupil and golden "holo" sparkle iris). Pierced ears. Tribal tattoo.
      Double knee and elbow joints, upper thigh joint, silicone "stoppers" in the hip joints.
      Magnetic head cap with applied saran hair and additional "bald" cap, a pair of "clawed" hands and an additional pair of regular hands, additional upper right arm without tattoo.


      The Outfit:
      • Set of veg tan leather armor, tooled and airbrushed.
      • Ultrasuede pants
      • Genuine leather boots
      • Set of weapons-resin bow and Elven spear, 3 arrows.


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    2. That doll is really intense and great looking. How much is he?