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Dami--stain warning

Jul 2, 2008

    1. At someone's suggestion I checked my Dami for stains from her wig. She had a 1/4" black band across her forehead and some minor stains on the back of her head. A lot of scubbing with a Mr. Clean magic eraser took most of it off. What's left is very faint--if you don't know where to look you won't see it. She definitely won't be wearing her wig again! She'll stay bald until I find her something else. Hugs, Rosemary
    2. Dark wigs can stain any doll. Usually the website selling them warns you of this, but sometimes they don't. :(

      A silicone wig cap can prevent this, like the ones sold at Denver Doll.
    3. Seconded. You have to be veeery careful with dark wigs, because of the staining issue. I'm sure that for short periods of time (say, a couple of hours at a doll meet, or an hour for a photoshoot) they'd be fine (I have yet to buy my dark wig, so I'll have to see), but you can't leave them on constantly. My friend's MNF Soo has a band on her head from her wig (dark dark brown), because the wig is on most of the time. If you really like the wig, set it aside for photoshoots, and find her something either in a lighter color, or maybe mohair, that she can wear in her off-time.

      Does anyone know if the dark mohair wigs stain too? I think it's only the synthetic, but I'd like to be sure.
    4. I just checked my Yumi, and she has a very faint stain from her dark wig. Nothing to be alarmed about yet, but I guess I'll look around for a new wig and stock up on Magic Erasers!
    5. oh thats good to know. luckly my doll has no stains from his wig but ill be sure stick with lighter colors for the magority of the time. 8-)