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Damp Tales - Kiruru

Aug 16, 2007

    1. Hello,

      Here is the thread that has the pictures:


      I adore Kiruru, and would love to order her, but I can not read a thing on the pages, any idea how I can get my hands on one? Maybe someone could do a group order, I'm not sure.

      Anyone order from this company before?
    2. Dittos on adoring Kiruru, she is absolutely the love! I'm also looking for someone to point the way towards how to order her, or if someone speaks Korean and can organize a group order...

    3. She is so expressive wow. I would also love to know how international orders would work.
    4. Kiriru kind of reminds me of Anais. especially without the faceup shots. Does anyone else see it?
      Yes, I love the ears too! I can't wait to see owner pics! :D
    5. Those are really, really cute little ears. I would have them be just a little bit bigger in my ideal world, but she is adorable.
    6. I'd love to see the ears bigger as well, still she'd make such a cute catgirl!
    7. The ears. I love those ears... >.<
    8. :...( Looks like no international orders right now per the news thread, which is a terrible shame, she is so cute :D Her ears...! Does anyone have a nice korean friend?
    9. Wow, that makes me really sad now. I was really looking forward to getting her when more information became availiable. I hadn't fallen for a MSD that hard since Chiwoo. Thanks for the updates.

      Good luck to the artist though, hopefully she will one day allow international orders again, since all of her work is so superb.
    10. I really would love to get a Kiruru....
      anyone have any clue as to what bodies she might work with once she is available to buy?
    11. They say Volks in the announcement... I think she looks like she might match the CP "real" skin, myself. I dunno. I don't know anyone with an oldskin volks so... definitely need to see her in person. Probably no matter what there will be blushing involved. I want her so bad :sorry.
    12. It would be awsome if she would match the CP skin, any of it!
      Realskin and I will get her a kid delf body, normal or white and she'll go on a MNF!
    13. Three years later and this doll is STILL eluding me! Does anyone know what happened to Damptales??

      I'd even be happy is someone had pictures. I lost mine when my computer died. :sweat
    14. Last I found her website (which I don't have bookmarked on this computer, but I do at home), she had stopped making heads all together it seems. I did inquire then if she would be making Kiruru again, but she said at the time that she would not be :(