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Dan, Hue and Ami from Crobidoll

Jun 4, 2008

    1. New dolls coming out from Crobidoll. They are photos now!
    2. OH CRAP! why do doll companies do this to me :...(

      Looks like it though! he looks a bit more mature!

    3. Oh, Shi...!!!:o What a teaser!

      I hope I'm safe from whoever that is. *_*

      This picture at Pixydoll must be the WIP body for the new guy.
    4. eh~ he is so ... eh .... eh... >_< no way .. is such a tease lol
    5. O__O


      I used to be all crazy over the more animie-ish CP-type sculpts, but I've been seriously leaning towards slightly more 'realistic' boys like this lately...I <3 my bodiless Leeke boys, and my EgoProject Keath head, and now Lance and...well, pretty much everything Yuna does. *_*
      I think Crobidolls is going to be getting a nice share of my dolly$$ over the next year....
    6. :D Yay!

      Looks very promising. ^__^
    7. Oh my. It's amazing how drawn I am to just the tiniest sliver of an eye and mouth.
    8. "They..."? Could it be bad english or possibly more than one?! :D:D Crobidoll is killing me right now! Argh! So many pretty dolls :D
    9. I think "they" might be a reference to the vague overarching storyline that all the dolls are part of - "the story of lost children"; Lance is "no conscience", Marcel is "no memory" and Thor is "no sorrow" so the new doll will probably also have a title of "no ____" and a bit of angsty text for his profile.
    10. Graaah, what's with all the three piece torsos lately?

      I like the look of his face so far... hmm.
    11. Oh my first response is wondering about the height...haha
      I like his faceup so~~~~~~much! also the shoulder and neck gee that's so sexy~
    12. The new boy looks so cool!! And I really wish they will come out with SD9 size bodies too! That would be easier to find body if I sticking with my Thor plan :love
    13. Yeah looks like it will be a complete doll according to the link posted, it states it. I can't wait now I can order the head and body or get the head now and....gee.....how long until this one comes out?!
    14. The new dreaming dolls are avaliable :

      Dan a type, Dan b type, Hue and Ami
    15. I wonder if Thor, Marcel, and Lance heads will fit on the new bodies, because I'm really interested in a Marcel girl someday.
    16. Nevermind, I read the height wrong, 56cm for the body is without the head LOL. My bad.
    17. Hue is gorgeous and stealing my heart. ;o;
    18. Sorry if this is the wrong section to ask~

      Does anyone actually own Ami with default face up?? If you do, do you mind posting a few photos of her face??

      I am planning to get an Ami but I'm not sure if I want default or custom face up. I like everything except for her lip color. Her lip color is just toooooo red for me. I have already asked Crobi if it is possible to order default make up but have them lighten up the lips for me as in not make the red so strong but they said that I'd have to order custom face up for that.

      It's an extra $22 between custom face up and default face up which I personally find a bit much if I only wanted to change the lip color slightly (lightening it up a bit). It'd be nice if someone could kindly provide a few photos so I can debate whether I want custom face up or not!!

      Thanks in advance~