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Oct 10, 2005

    1. Edited his name to DANBI as there is same doll.
      DIMDOLL.COM is releasing SD head called "DANBI"(Used to be called eunbi boy) on 11th.October.

      Danbi head with face up option.(Face-up : same as photo shown)

      I hope you like him ^^ :grin:

    2. eeeeeeee these heads are gonna be the death of me! I love him!
    3. Wow he's gorgeous *o*
    4. He's so beautiful! <3 What a lovely boy!
    5. I also think he's gorgeous!
      Love to see more of his picture. :D
    6. here is more pictures.

    7. :o he is beautiful!
    8. he is very sweet! I love his eyes and mouth especially.
    9. i really like him!!!
      i must have one!
      is he limited?

      i shal stalk the website tomorrow!!!!!! [i cant tell if he will be available overseas yet]
    10. DART he's pretty :o .....
    11. He's beautiful! :D
      I hope he isn't limited

    12. Taking pre-orders on new D.I.M Doll Hanbi HEAD (will be on website shortly):

      Hanbi Head with face-up $140.00
      Hanbi Head without face-up $105.00

      Delivery time -- around October 20!!
    13. wow very nice, that is exactly what I wanted in an MSD boy! come on make a detailed msd sized boy :o

      Beautiful face sculpt, you don't sell the body too? nice hands on that body which body is it?
    14. It's like an autumn harvest, all of these new dolls are ready for picking. I can't even remember how many new dolls have been announced since the beginning of the weekend.

      Hanbi is beautiful. I've been keeping my eye on the DIM site waiting for them to load up on SD sized dolls.
    15. Does anyone know if he's limited or not?

    16. I don't think he is...I hope not :oops:
    17. If I buy just the head will I ever be able to match the resin? (head buying newbie)
    18. The closest match is the seperate body they're supposedly releasing soon or a Volks body. However, I think exact matches aren't really possible. And there's not way to buy the head with a body as far as I'm aware.
    19. Does anyone know when the head in the banner will be released? I believe it's MSD sized and called "Chu"?
    20. Thanks Tsuyogari :) I didn't know there was a body to be released.

      Here's where I saw a doll with a body: http://www.sunrisedolls.com/store/diml02.html