Darak Doll Tiny Discussion Part 1

Aug 12, 2013

    1. My Tiny Remy and friends enjoying a sunny day. I had to enlarge a Pukifee pattern to 120% to get her romper to fit. Her hips and thighs are larger than a Lati Yellow or Pukifee. I am hoping that the shoes I ordered (for Madame Alexander Vintage Ginny) will fit since her feet are so wide.

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    2. she is so cute and the romper is adorable. did you make it 120% bigger all over or just in the width?
    3. I enlarged the entire pattern by 120%. Her torso is also longer than a Pukifee or Lati Yellow. Here is another photo of the romper length. The Madame Alexander Vintage Ginny shoes also fit perfectly.

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    4. it is really cute, and those shoes look like a perfect fit
    5. I added 1/4 inch to the bodice length (after enlarging a Pukifee pattern by 120%) so that this dress was not so high waisted for Tiny Remy. She is a challenge to fit but so cute.

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    6. My Cezanne is here, I'm just waiting on eyes and outfit. Does anyone have photos of yo sized Darak's? I love her measurements, as she seems slightly smaller than other yo sized dolls. That should mean any other clothes will fit.
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    7. Any other clothes will fit her but they will be baggy, I've been taking in my other yo patterns when I sew for her. Getting some pretty neutral ribbons to use as belts is what I recommend. And as for pictures have my Ari!
      Now I need to make her sun hat to go with it.
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    8. She is so lovely! Her outfit and the way you have her sitting is terrific. I hope to post pics of Cezanne tonight.
    9. Hi, Tori is definitely smaller than Remy. Tori's head is smaller, and her body is not so tall and chubby as Remy's.
      Still, pukifees are smaller then Tori overall. Don't know about a latiyellow since I have never seen one in person.
      For some reason, pukifees were to small to my personal taste, but I find Remy and Tori perfect to be my only tinies.
    10. Do you have a photo of them side by side nude or dressed? OH, actually I just found it on the last page!
    11. :) Yea, there they are all naked, poor kids :P
      I'm trying to make patterns to make onesies for them.
    12. ari is so pretty in tan! and that dress is really cute
    13. @Melly123 Thank you! And I can't wait to see how you style your Cezanne! They are just such dainty little dolls!

      @auntbear Thank you! And ya, I fell in love with her look in tan when I saw her. She looks so much like one of the little girls I nanny for.
    14. Cezanne has the sweetest little pouty lips. I love her faceup. She stands very well and is double jointed.


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    15. she is so cute! the eye wells in the first picture though look really deep. is it hard to get the eyes to sit flush? or was that just the way the picture came out. they look fine in the second picture
    16. The lower eyelid is distinct but the eyewell is fine. I put smaller eyes in there and fiddled how to make them look right. Here is another try.
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    17. Oh wow, she is so cute! The half open eyes give her such personality!
    18. she is. i already had dodo and ari on my wishlist, but i think that cezanne just jumped to the top!
      i can't see whether the a type or b type body is the double jointed one. does anyone know? @Melly123 i know your girl is double jointed. do you know which body she is on? thanks
    19. I am pretty sure type B body is double jointed. My girl came on a double jointed body and going through her product info type B body appears to be the 'default'. And looking at their new dolls type b is the only option and they are all double jointed.
    20. thanks. that's what i wanted to know. i saw that they had taken out the option to get body type a and wanted to make sure that the remaining option was double jointed. quite a while ago they had removed the double jointed option from the cuties, leaving only the less jointed one. though now, according to one of their notices, they have combined them instead.