Darak Doll Tiny Discussion Part 1

Aug 12, 2013

    1. When did you get your Tan Ari? I just saw a new fullset on the Darak site.
      Thank you for visiting.
    2. @stellarphenomena I ordered her last June and got her last August. That new fullest is so pretty! But it looks like they took away the tan option on the regular Ari. That's too bad, I love their tan.
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    3. She is on the b body. She is a wonderful poser with beautiful lines.
    4. Oh, could you please tell is it a chance to order tan Darak dolls now?
    5. It might be worth it to send a private email to Darak about your desire for a tan doll. I was able to order some dolls that were marked sold out that way. I think they might've made them especially for me because it took about three months before they were ready to ship. It's worth a try!
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    6. She's adorable!
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    7. I just put a Tan C-Remy girl on layaway! Darak had an extra one sitting around and I couldn't resist.

      She is so, so beautiful. I love the uniqueness of Darak's bodies and Remy's face is just adorable. I should finish my layaway by mid-October. Hopefully she'll be home soon after!
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    8. So excited to join in on the Darak Tiny discussion. Here is my Claire Remy. She is 31cm tall. I just got her from the MP. Now to make some clothing!
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    9. Congratulations, @Tiasdolls! I just received my Tan C-Remy in the mail today. :D

      Here's a link to her box opening thread. Have you found any shoes for your girl yet? I'm not really sure where to get her clothing that fits properly!
    10. Hello both! Congrats on your darak-i girls, the Claire body is amazing :) My girl has quite a wardrobe, but I had it all made for her by Blythe/Momoko sewers :) Here she even has her own shoes!!!

      [​IMG]DSC_0176 by Kamia Keller, on Flickr
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    11. Wow, @kamia! I love the cold weather outfit and the little booties. :love

      Do you know if the Claire bodies fit in to typical Blythe clothing, or would I need someone to custom make mine as well? I'm thinking of buying my C-Remy a 1/6th sized Lolita outfit, but I have a feeling it'll be far too flowy on her thin body.
    12. Yeah she's too big for Blythe unfortunately, she does need custom measurements D: probably 1/6 is too big too. I bought some for her once and they weren't good xD

      A close up of her boots: (but I probably already shared this picture)
      [​IMG]Boots <3 by Kamia Keller, on Flickr
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    13. I love them! They look so warm and fluffy.

      Argh, I really don't want to have to commission someone for my C-Remy's outfit. Maybe I'll try Bunny Nine clothing...
    14. Ooo bunnynine would be a really good idea, let me know how it works :)
    15. Bunny Nine with Claire
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    16. Oh! Thanks for the photo @nancy_schroeder_ca. :D

      It looks like the Bunny Nine bodies are definitely a good bit bigger, but I wonder if a Bunny Nine sized dress would look too big. Hmm.
    17. Those Bunny Nine pants are very tight and might work. I will try to test some clothing on her later today.
    18. That would be so helpful! You're a lifesaver. :whee: