Darak Doll Tiny Discussion Part 1

Aug 12, 2013

    1. @Tiasdolls Your girl looks so sweet!
      I've been doing fall sewing for my girls and my Ari got a pretty new dress. Now I just need to get her better colored eyes.
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    2. So pretty. Is that a company face-up?
    3. Thank you! It's not the company face-up. I didn't like the color of the eyebrows on the default face-up so I had a face-up artist do hers.
    4. That's what I thought. She looks much better! I think most of the time the eyebrows are too light brown on company face-ups.
    5. [​IMG]
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    6. These two are looking so cute together :)
    7. they are so cute together, but your tori looks so much more real than the lati, i think it's the smaller eyes. ...
    8. Hi there! My tiny Rem arrived yesterday and the lati yellow/pukifee sized shoes I got here are a bit too small, I'll have to modify them to get them to fit on her chubby feet. Does anyone have any advice for clothes and shoes for these little chubbies?
    9. @nancy_schroeder_ca Thank you! I've had my eye on a few of their shoes so now I'll have an excuse to get them!
    10. Yoo-hoo! Anyone still alive in here? I just got a C-Remy secondhand ^_^
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    11. somewheresunbear: Still here. What happened to Darak? Are they still in business...their site looks unattended to. Here's my Tori with some friends.
      Congrats on your Remy. Pic?

      [​IMG]Lati, Luts, Darak by Stellar Phenomena, on Flickr
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    12. @stellarphenomena what a bunch of cuties! Their outfits are all so precious!

      Idk about the website, because I got my girl secondhand. I haven’t even ever been on it.
      And here is my girly! She actually used to belong to NekoNyanMew. I just got her on Friday. I’m waiting for her clothes and new wig and eyes, as I plan to style her a bit differently, but who knows how long all that could take.

      Either way, I’m in love with her size! I decided she’s gonna have a cult party kei look (like mori kei but with more pastel pinks and cutesy looks). Her name is Bijou (bee-zhoo).

      If anybody has one of the 31 cm girls and wants to talk styling and clothing sizes, let me know!
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    13. somewheresunbear: Aw, she is very cute. I love all the Remy's ( I have the 42cm version). I'm sure you'll make her cuter than the promo photos ;)
      photos -- C_Remy

      I'm glad you like my girls!
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    14. @stellarphenomena yes, all the Remy’s are so cute!! Hard not to love them.

      I went and looked at the promo photos. Holy gorgeous, those are some adorable clothes. I hope to have great styling for her. It’ll be a little trial and error at first, just because of her non-standard sizing, but I’m gonna do my best. I’ve ordered some custom clothing for her, as well as some clothes for Imda3.0 as their measurements are fairly similar. I hope they ship soon!
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    15. Hmm this thread seems to have died...

      But i wanted to pop in anyway.
      Im getting a tan c-remy soon in a trade, and trying my best to find more information on her. I've never had a doll this size... So im curious as to how to find shoes/clothes for her because i cant seem to find anything.
    16. C-Remy is the same size as my Claire. The shoes a from Ruby Red Galleria, They were for the 12 in Inmotion girls. The dress is by Boneka but I don't think they make this size anymore.

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    17. I just bought a Lily and I can't wait to get her. I havent seen many pics of her though except company photos
    18. So i got a tan c-remy a while back in a trade. I but after having her a few months i don't know if i really care for the size. (I originally thought she was an msd as was listed as one... Mistake by seller) but figured i would try anyway. An just can't get into it.

      But i also cant find ANY info on cost for this doll. I want to list her for sale but i have no clue what to ask besides consider what i traded for which was my soom tiny dolomi fullset. So maybe $350?

      I also don't know if i should leave her blank or give her a faceup.
    19. Thats a bummer. Have You checked so see what closed sales on ebay or even in thr marketplace went for? I dont know if you'd have luck or not. This company doesnt appear very popular