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Darak-i SD Discussion

Jul 4, 2015

    1. Darak-i have re-released their 'Lady' range (it was only ever one doll!) with Emily, and have also released their first SD boy, Kevin.

      I am currently waiting on Emily - she was the first doll I ever wanted so I'm happy she's finally coming home ^_^ I ordered on the 26.06.15 and Darak say she is due to ship by the 10th July ^_^


      Let's discuss these two ^_^
    2. Ah I can't wait to see your emily! :)
    3. Thanks Supernova!! She arrived today actually so I can share a photo with you! She is so perfect. I went all out as she's been my grail since she first was released Limited back when I first started out in the hobby. So I got full body blushing which is fantastic. Darak-i also sent me her sleeping head (they haven't released pictures yet so you can see on my flickr)

      Here is a close up of her perfect, perfect face.

      [​IMG]Darak-i Emily Arrival by Kamia Keller, on Flickr
    4. She is beautiful --- how is her posing?
    5. [MENTION=51629]bajib[/MENTION] thank you! She is very good. She came with silicone kips in her legs, neck and shoulders (possibly as I paid for blushing). She is strung beautifully so she holds any pose well. She has no extra mobility in her hips though like the Darak-i MSDs do. Her knees and elbows are double jointed, and Darak-i altered the hand joint so she has better movement there now too.

      [​IMG]Darak-i Emily Arrival by Kamia Keller, on Flickr

      Must share more pictures @@
    6. Thanks for the posing info. Is there a link to body pictures? I wanted to see what the different bust options look like. I like the less mature body styles best - easier to sew for :)
    7. Hmm there are a few on Darak-i's website, on the original Emily posting here
      The bust size on the naked picture is what I have and is the smaller option... can't imagine how big the 'large' is! I was hoping medium would be smaller... I can PM you more body shots if you like?

      I really am just totally in love with her face though. Her hands are beautiful too... I am just totally in love, BUT if I had a magic wand I would change the size of her chest...

      [​IMG]Darak-i Emily by Kamia Keller, on Flickr

      Let me know if you need more pics! :P
    8. She has the most perfect faceup! beautifully done, love the eyes too! :D
    9. Congrats, Kamia, she's so beautiful!!!
    10. oh my ... the site pictures are the small option? I was hoping it was the larger option. I love everything about her and was hoping for an SD girl, double jointed, pretty hands and face with an immature body sculpt that wasn't 4 digits in price. I love my Dodo's body - maybe I can talk myself into a more mature body. Thanks for all your help
    11. [MENTION=67225]Supernova[/MENTION] I bought mako eyes for her, but atm I'm loving the default ones. I might use the mako eyes for her sleeping head, as they are slightly open eyes :P
      [MENTION=54518]Blablette[/MENTION], thank you! I shall take some comparison shots soon too with my MSDs... I have so many Darak-i dolls now.
      [MENTION=51629]bajib[/MENTION] yeah... well they call it the 'medium' I asked if they were doing a small and they said not for now.. so maybe if you ask too they might think about it more? The company is very responsive to customer requests. For example, they often can cast in tan on request, and also they made one body out of stock (had an extra joint at the top of the thigh) but due to popular demand they brought it back :P (They're such a small company I feel popular demand was about 3 people asking :P) Usually I also much prefer a less mature body, but for Emily I'm happy to make an exception (unless they bring out a smaller bust size and then I would undoubtedly swap it).

      Anyway, more Emily spam :D

      [​IMG]Darak-i Emily by Kamia Keller, on Flickr

      As you can see, quite booby :P (Doesn't help it's a very fitted top - made out of an old cardigan sleeve actually :P) But you can see some of her perfect body blushing :D
    12. I came back for another look at Emily - she is really pretty :) I tried to post a mesage asking about a smaller less mature bust but I couldn't access the FAQ - I forgot my password, they would let me make another one, and were supposed to email me my old one, and nothing ever happens, so no luck contributing to the request. I just really hate trying to sew for mature bodies --- all that fitting stops me from ordering her as is :(
    13. Hey @bajib ! I hope you can get your account sorted soon! I am happy to ask on your behalf in the meantime if you like?

      So more updates on clothes, Emily fits in all standard SD13 clothes from nine9 style. I got quite a few pieces second hand. Here's a more adventurous picture of her than my usuals (bathroom, torches and fairylights!)

      [​IMG]Fall by Kamia Keller, on Flickr
    14. Hello kamia! Sorry I didn't see your offer sooner --- I am still not able to log in --- I really need to find my password on my scribbled notes. I really think if I could get an Emily that was less 'well endowed' I would be quite pleased. My little Dodo is the best tiny poser ever and I am guessing Emily is as well engineered.
    15. Hello @bajib :) For now it seems there isn't a small bust option. Did you see their new SD girl? It is the sleeping head of Emily - called Isabelle I think :)
      Here's a pic of her, she has such an attitude compared with the open eye head!

      [​IMG]Darak-i Emily Sleeping by Kamia Keller, on Flickr