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Dark Brown Parts for your Dark Brown Kamau!!!!

Dec 22, 2010

    1. I wrote in recently to Iplehouse, because my Dark Brown Sword Dance Kamau has some scraping damage to his hands, and i was worried that they would not be able to assist me in getting him some new hands. So I got this response, (Which they also now have up on their board) so we can now get our Dark Brown Kamau some hands. They have stated that this will be your LAST chance to get the parts, so go grab them while you can!!!! (I just responded to them, asking if this will be available for all optional parts...such as the new hand styles, the little c-ring that goes over the s-hook, and of course, the tabi feet

      (for those who might be confused by the color mentioned, this was the original tone that Kamau was offered in with the sword Dance Kamau. He's a softer, more realistic brown, and apparently, this was only used on this doll, and never again....Thus the difficulty in getting optional parts for him. The doll i'm mentioning is shown here)

      "Hello, this is Iplehouse. We think that the customers who purchased Kamau has some problems to buy feet or hand parts because we stopped the manufacturing of DK Brown in Kamau body color. Therefore we decided to sell the Kamau parts during the time limited.
      You can purchase those parts for selling period.

      Please note that if the period is finished, it would be not possible to make again.
      The parts order period is on 22th -31th, Dec.

      You will register the Kamau parts item on EID option section.

      Please go to the section and purchase it if you want.

      The manufacturing will be started from January next year and if the manufacturing is finished, we will start shipping.

      Furthermore, you can make an order with other items together and it will be possible to ship after the Kamau parts are made.

      We do our best to give good service. ^^

      Thank you so much and have a good day!! @^__^@"

      The ordering period is NOT very long, so go out and get those extra hands for your Kamau, because apparently after this, you are not going to be able to get them for the Sword Dance Kamau, due to them completely discontinueing this skin tone, and replacing it with the "Ebony" skin, which is a shade or two lighter, and a bit more 'ashy' in look.

      Here's the link to the notice on the board....

    2. The new parts are officially listed, and go OFF sale on the 31st of this month. Don't miss your chance to get extra hands for your doll, should anything happen. (Once this is gone, you won't be able to order any extra parts for the Dark Brown "Sword Dance" kamau. So if you break a finger by accident, i doubt Iple can help you at a later date to get new hands/feet etc. And we've all heard about how sometimes the EID dolls end up with broken feet