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Dark Castle Doll Discussion...

Mar 14, 2007

    1. What a great concept! They are so strange and I love the little poem she wrote for Timmien.
    2. Oh LOL! These are Batchix's dolls!!
      I didn't know she'd done a whole doll, or had a web-site for them too...how exciting!

    3. Yeah, those are the new series of dolls Batchix has been working on for a while

      Looks like she made a nice site for them ^_^
    4. I'm absolutely fascinated by him ! I doubt I'll be able to get one, but I can't wait to see plenty of other pics ^_^
    5. scary! but I guess its a good goth dolly
    6. Wow. :o They almost caused a shriek. Very scary! Wow! You did a good job on them! Very good. They are so freaky looking! :thumbup It's a shame I am so poor and broke, because they would fit so well with my dolls! :(
    7. OMG i so wish i had some money at the moment.
      Grey Timmian is perfect for a character i have...
      and i normally don't go for larger bjds'.
      i wish i could bid.
    8. I like them so much!! I hope I can ever get one,I love his face,it's so different if I compare it with other dolls,and I like his personality (I'm in to ghosts ;) )
    9. They look great Batchix! I hope to see one in person someday!
    10. They scare the crap out of me. I will have nightmares all week.
    11. I think they're adorable. ^^ I LOVE the expression - he looks very friendly!


      And weirdly reminds me of Tim Burton. Not so much his work, but the PERSON. XD
    12. Those are so awesomely original! Totally dig them, although I wouldn't buy one because I am easily prone to nightmares. Still having problems with Hellraiser and the winged monkeys from Wizard of Oz.
    13. <3 They are soo awesome! Reminds me quite a bit of Dream from Sandman and Edward Scissorhands.
    14. Awesome work, Batchix!!!!

    15. I think these are wonderful! *dreams of having talent like that* I hope you have great luck on eBay and with your future casts. :)
    16. Wow! Amazing sculpt. I love the angular lines in the face and jaw :) They don't look so creepy with regular eyes as they do with the albino eyes.

    17. Yay for the Ghostie and the Zombie!!! They are sweet and scary and LOVE!!! :aheartbea
    18. GUh. Not something i'd own, but... wow for creativity! Really funky, original sculpts!