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Dark Castle Dolls Order Info!-OOAK up on ebay

Apr 6, 2007

    1. [​IMG]
      This version is up on ebay. His skin tone(ghost/bone white) is ooak as is his outfit. :3



      Head above is Timmian.

      Head above is Vasha.

      These are the new arms that are now standard on the doll. this is NOT my beauty white, this is a pure paper "ghost" white. I will have pictures of bw later this month. :3

      Hey all! If you want to order a doll, let me know. I'm now selling heads and bodies separately as well! Dolls take a little over a month for me to complete, I will do body sanding for $100, body blushing for $50, however the wait for blushing or sanding is an additional month. Also be aware that the skin will lighten where it is sanded and will possibly expose bubbles in the resin.

      Face-ups are included, custom face-ups are $35. Hot glue sueding is also included if the buyer wishes. If you wish for the doll to be left blank please let me know, it's no problem!

      All dolls come with a fur wig and a pair of eyes. Depending on availability it will either be flat glass in 14mm or 14 round acrylics. Color is random, sorry!

      $120 for head
      $470 for body

      $7 for heads
      $20 US shipping or $50 international on bodies

      The natural skin(shown above), is very close to luts natural skin and the body does fit luts heads. I hope to BW body photos up later this month! thanks again for following this, I appreciate it! this is the NEW torso, the older longer necked thinner torso is still available if you ask.

      Only about 10-20 of these bodies will end up being sold. After that I think the molds will probably fall apart.

      I will do custom orders subject to time, please pm me if you have any questions about that.

      Comparisons for those wanting to swap head/bodies:

      Timmian head on DZ body. He would probably fit on and be comfortable if you enlarged his neck hole a little. Same for having him on a dollshe body. Body is BW and head is natural.

      timmian head on cp boy body(color difference is seen best here)

      chiwoo head on body

      chiwoo head on body wearing wig

      Isao Volks head on body wearing wig

      Next month I'll be releasing another head. :3

      If you decide to cross post this message, that's wonderful, but please don't hot link! :aheartbea thanks to everyone for their support and interest!
    2. Is this the default facepainting style for him? And do you have a measurements list?

      And best wishes to you Bats, on your new Dark Castle projects!

    3. Yes this is the default face-up, although I am sure that it will vary a little from head to head.

      Measurements are: Measurments:
      Leg Length(crotch to bottom of foot): 32 cm/ 13 in
      Arm Length(shoulder to wrist): 22cm
      Arm length(shoulder to finger tips): 26cm
      Chest Width: 23 cm
      Waist Width: 17.5cm
      Hip Width: 26cm
      Sitting height: 31cm
      Total Height: 66cm
      Neck Circumference: 9.5cm

      thanks for the well wishes! :D
    4. How tall is he with a head? Would a Dollshe head fit?

    5. With a head he's 65cm. Unfortunately the Dollshe head and it's notoriously deep neck hole is too big. It's mostly the neck hole is so deep it swallows up the neck. :{ At least on Hound it does, I don't know about Saint and Bernard since they have smaller heads.
    6. Will this body be available with bastian head?
      I'm so in love with bestian and you wonderful body :fangirl:
    7. If you'd like that I'd be willing to do it. :3 However, bastian's head sits a little lower on the body.
    8. :doh
      Seems like my plan of: no more dolls this year is destroyed again >_<
      I should have known :|

      So, atm I'm working on some rates for layaway dolls.
      But I would be very happy to order one of your gorgeous dolls in the later second half of this year.
      (If the mold didn't fall apart until then ;) )

      Could you post a pic of bastian on this body, to see how body and head match?
    9. Sure~ np! I will try and do that here this evening or tomorrow sometime.

      For layaway, at the moment I can't do any layaway that doesn't end by the 15th of July. I am moving in July and I don't know how long it will take me to get settled. Depending on how much money I make in the next month and a half will depend on whether I am in California with my husband or staying in Illinois with my parents until said husband finds a job in california. n.n;
    10. Ah, I guess you got me wrong :sweat
      (Sorry for my terrible english)

      I just wanted to say, that I'm paying off two dolls atm (Jace and Kiss), so I can't order immediately.
      I have to pay these two dolls first, before I can save money for one of your wonderfull dolls. :)

      So I just hope, that there will be a chance for me, to purchase one of your wonderfull dolls later this year, before their mold is worn-out.