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Dark Elf Leaf version 2

Mar 7, 2006

    1. http://www.dollndoll.com/goods_list.php?Index=295

      new version of the Dark Elf Leaf is out ... I just got one, there was one left after i got mine. I'm so happy! I totally regretted selling her in the first place. Now she's coming back to me... Lorien.2
    2. wow she`s lovely! »Too bad I`m tapped out of dolls funds for a while ;.; Just a question O.o;; why are there things crossed out in her descriptionO.o
    3. hmmm, no idea why her description is crossed out.

      I'm so happy, i just can't describe it to you guys. I missed Lorien (DEL) so much. Even with her problems, she was so wonderful.
    4. Lucy - I did prefer the big eyed version myself ... but i do like this version, it seems older and more mature and realistic. I'm afraid this version won't be able to wear the old one's eyes (20mm) which will suck. Guess i'll have to sell those, i'd been holding on to them since i sold her in the hope of being able to bring her back.

      ... she also looks a bit like DollnDoll's Shade to me.