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Dark elf Soo- Vampire head

Feb 11, 2009

    1. Since I asked this question on the LUTS Q&A board and they skipped over it like it wasn't even there... I hate it when they do that! I'll ask the question here.

      Dark Elf Soo Vampire head is an old head.

      So she would only fit the old body right? Or would she fit the new delf body IF you take off the head mechanism.

      Also what are the main differences between the first body and the newer body (with the head mech) Are they the same body or was there some changes? I can see the old body is different than the newer one...

      This is the old body

      this is the new body

      As far as I can tell... the newer body has a Hip joint and the old a waist joint.

      Which one is better at posing and what would be the best choice overall? Is there a difference or they just never changed the old picture?

      Sorry if it's confusing but I just want a good body for my Vampire DES... when I finally get her.
    2. I have the vampire DES and I have removed the neck system to fit her on a type 2 body.

      For posing I don't notice any difference in poses itself, but the old body can sit up better than the newer one with the hip joint.

      I have chosen for the type 2 body because my Varushka shows a lot of skin and I didn't want her to show the torsojoint of type one body.

      This is my DesV on a type 2 body:

    3. Your Vampire Des is lovely! So you just take out the system put an S-hook and a donut to your head and you're done?

      Mine might show a lot skin too...
    4. Thank you!

      I removed the neck part by slightly opening the S hook so that the system could be removed. Then I used the same S hook with the usual neck donut (which came together with my DESV, so didn't have to order it separately) to attach the head on the body. However, with the neck system, the S hook is much lower than if you use the same S-hook attached to the headcap. So her elastic strings are way tighter and you might need somewhat bigger elastic strings.
      She is a pain to restring this way, but I don't regret it. :)
      (and soon I will restring her with new elastic strings so she can loosen up a little)

      edit: You could also remove the total neck system and add a new and fresh S-hook. I think that'll be in fact easier to do.