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Dark & Moonless - Spirit Doll 2010 Darknights LE dolls with wings

Dec 25, 2009

    1. neat! I do like the bone wings idea. Reminds me of 07 Ghost. I also like the outfits. The price isn't bad for a gray-skinned, 70-cm, limited full-set. But I don't like their head sculpts.
    2. Wow, I love the style! :fangirl:
      The wings look a little odd, though.
      They make a great pair, though and the resin colour looks wonderful.
    3. I absolutely love the wings but I don't want a gray doll. Hopefully at some point they'll sell the wings separately. :)
    4. is in love with the wing's too :D
    5. Im doomed, I absolutely love Dark.
    6. Wow, the bone wings is cool!
    7. One word - Mesmerizing
    8. OMG! I am going to be so broke....
    9. I don't like the wings much or the girl, but the boy is gorgeous... luckily, i don't collect boys or I would be in deep!
    10. *sigh* *star eyed*
      I certainly wish that I could make Dark doll number seven this year, but even though I have room on my credit card, interest payments and debt are not cool. ;;
      Oh well. I'll ooo and ahh now but as soon as I close the window and open number six when he gets here I'll be happy once more. x3 And that is my grand trick on myself. Distraction.
    11. <3333 I want Dark so badly. The concept art is so gorgeous too.

      I'd like to see a more full face shot though.
    12. I do love their concept art!
    13. I think I like the black hair on the concept Dark better than the wig they have on him
    14. Oh my, they made the character I been looking for for more than a year.....:o

      I always thought I had to make the bone wings myself, but this is perfect. They are a little odd or strange and not quite what I envisioned (I always thought of then als bones wings with a few real feathers) but this concept, this is what I was looking for.*_*

      I'm really confused...

      How do you order by spirit doll?
    15. The wings are way cool, I'm tempted to buy the doll just fore the wings!
    16. I love it all except that she has vampire fangs :(. i dont want fangs...what to do, what to do...
    17. I never notice this co. before. I like Dark actually and the price is great prob. now is I spend my money already.
    18. Wow, these are a total surprise! I love the color and the wings, and the price is amazing for a fullset. I bought a tan Spiritdoll girl secondhand here, and they're really quite impressive. The level of detail in the body sculpt is great, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. This is darn tempting. I'd like both though, and that's my real problem here. XD

      Can anyone tell how the wings are attached?
    19. I think they look gorgeousss!!! The bone wings remind me of Angel Sanctuary...gorgeously drawn work!