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dark spots on the corner of lips?

Aug 9, 2008

    1. im not sure where this belongs but i have a question

      ive seen a few pictures of dolls that have natural or very light face ups and on the very corneres of their lips they have dark black or brown spots.... what is that?? ive seen it on more than one doll and was just wondering what its supposed to be

      EDIT: since posting this i've learned alot about these dots. and i no longer dislike them, in fact i like most of them as long as they are small.

      but feel free to continue discussing the. just know i no longer think they look like cookies (unless they are huge)
    2. I always thought it was like overexaggeration of the shadows at the corner of the mouth or something...
    3. i hope i dont offend anyone its just my opinion but i dont really like it, i think it kinda looks like they ate an oreo and left peices behind
    4. All depends on preferences really. Some people go a little mad with enormous spots. I like a dark line to accentuate the shadow, but polka dot lips >.> Nuu.
    5. hmmmm Oreo's LOL on some dolls they look great when they are in keeping with the tone of the face-up, But IMO my Nanuri was a shocker when he arrived, more like a sloppy SMORE leftover!!
    6. depending on how it looks,it really bothers me xD Caesar has them but I think they look alright ^^;
    7. I always thought they were to make the lips more sad/happy...
    8. more definition to the mouth, if done right I think it looks great, overdone looks odd.
    9. lol ya the first one or two pictures i saw where very tiny and they didnt look that bad but still bugged me a little bit, and ive seen a few that are huge. i guess they could look cute, but i think id rather not have them at all
    10. I agree. Why draw on shawdos when they're 3D?
    11. Those confused me at first, too. Personally I don't really care for them, so when I redid my boy's face-up I left them off.
    12. On some dolls it looks okay, but personally I don't like any of my dolls with the dots.
      So it makes me sad that my girl has it. *sigh* Well, she's going for a new face-up eventually so I guess it shouldn't matter... ._.
    13. This is my all-time least favourite faceup trend ever. I've had people tell me it adds to the expression somehow, but I don't see it. I understand little lines or tiny dots, but not when the whole corners of the mouth are just blobs. I think in a few years people will look back and wonder what they were thinking.
    14. It's not oreo's...the milk washes those away. We just have to face it, all the dolls that have dark spots in the corners of their mouths really like pocky. it's much harder to wash off than oreo.

      The ones that don't have the dark spots just like strawberry or vanilla pocky.

    15. Hahaha! Yeah, mine must have pigged out on that pocky. :lol:

      But strange, she likes vanilla and strawberry better... So why is it chocolate?? D:
    16. She tried it once and never got it off?
    17. I agree with the sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't viewpoint. I just recently got a Volks Elena and it really does have that awkwardness to it especially since the lips themselves are just a flat pink color. However, I did ask to have the smirk on my F-35 accentuated a little bit when I got him and the little extra painting in the corner of the mouth they did there opposed to the other side really makes him look like he's smirking even more.

      So yeah, subtlety is important and I think some dolls really don't need it done when their mouths are expressive and detailed enough as is and some of the smaller mouths it can just look like extra pools of paint instead of detailing.
    18. My guess is it's a kind of stylistic shorthand, like anime sweatdrops ^*x*^'" - the dolls that seem to have it done most often are those with 'ambivalent' or 'angsty' expressions - none of mine seem to, because I go for little smiley-guys, although I see the detail sculpted in some of them.

      Like any stylization, it only really works when it's done with consideration of the doll's expression as a whole - I suspect those face-ups where it seems poorly executed have been done in assembly-line batches, and 'mouth-dot guy' either got the paint mix too rich or was getting slap-happy with the airbrush.

      I am wondering if it is more common with some companies, or companies located in one region or another? I am still pretty new to the dolleh-occupation (who am I kiddin' about it being a 'hobby'? rilly) I tend to focus on tinies and animorphs, where it's not so prevalent, so I've not noticed a pattern.
    19. Same reason people blush dolls. It emphasizes natural shadows.