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Dark tan tiny?

Jun 3, 2009

    1. How about a ChocoPuki?
      Here's my Cupid, Cadbury:
    2. Oh the dark tan Bobobie resin is amazing:D It's quite a lovely chocolate brown and just beautiful.
      Here's WhiteWings' dark tan cookie boy:
      Oh that color! He's just so dark and almost edible! Haha:D If you find this is a good choice, you will have to email Dennis at Bobobie and ask for this resin color specifically. They don't offer it regularly as it can be unpredictable and not always come out even. But as you can see from the above thread, its really lovely and even on WhiteWings' boy!
    3. Bobobie/ResinSoul will still do dolls in the dark tan/chocolate resin if you ask them nicely, even though the option isn't available on their website. Just ask them via email or the BBB message board, or PM Dennis on this board. The light tan/coffee is a pale golden colour and I think would be far too pale for your avatar, even though it's very pretty.

      I'm curious to know about Planetdoll tan resin, too.

      (Also... eeeee, Cadbury is SO CUTE.)
    4. Here's my Dark Tan Moona...the photo doesn't do the resin justice...there's a whitish cast on it but I find it to be very pretty!

    5. *whispers* Moona is also made from that fabulous Bobobie dark tan resin!:XD: *loves it*
    6. I think choco puki would make a good gaia avatar. Cute avatar btw

      I recreated mine as a mini. I've been thinking of creating a puki version at some point.
    7. [​IMG]
      Since your avatar also have white hair I guess this might serve as a good reference.
      Chocopuki Cupid here as well. :>
    8. Yes, you can ask specifically for dark tan from bobobie, their light tan is not as dark, in fact it is light as 'just caught a little sunbeam' shade