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Darkdojy 's feedbacks

Mar 8, 2012

    1. Please, leave your feedback about our transactions here. :)

    2. I bought the most beautiful, stunning one of a kind Model Doll from Darkdojy. The transaction was perfect in every way. Darkdojy is the most friendly, helpful seller I have ever had the good fortune to buy from. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase.
      Thanks again xx
    3. I bought a DoI BES from Darkdojy about a year ago.
      She was really friendly, giving me pictures I asked for, and she gave me a great deal and layaway. She was really nice to communicate with and when I got the doll he was well packed and the shipping was really fast and smooth. We have even held our contact afterward and she is so nice to talk to, and I love the fact that she feels that her lonely and misfit boy has good home with now.

      I would buy/sell to Darkdojy again, the whole experience was really great! :D
    4. I bought Otherside Ibyangin from Darkdojy, on a long layaway, and the transaction went very smooth. Amazingly smooth considering that Darkdojy was away on vacation for the most of the transaction, and still she stayed in constant touch with me and the doll was on her way to me mere days after the vacation ended! She was so nice to me, too, including extras with the doll and packing her so well. If I ever have a chance to do business with Darkdojy again, I will be honored!
    5. Darkdojy adopted volks Belldandy from me. Her transaction was very fast. Fast payment, and her communication was smooths. She do notice me when she arrived safely. Hope you love her and take q good care of her. Thank you so much! ☺️
    6. A+++++++ transaction!

      I purchased MisterMinou Nyx from Darkdojy and she arrived in the wink of an eye, extremely well packed and ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Communication with Darkdojy was very efficient, polite and we reached fabulous agreements and understanding while doing the business. I would be delighted to deal with Darkdojy again and again at any time! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
    7. I purchased Cerisedoll Caramel Ninon from Darkdojy. She shipped her very quickly, she was week wrapped, and I couldn't be more pleased with how gorgeous she is. I would totally do business with her again! Thank you!
    8. *well wrapped*, not week! XD

      Anyway, excellent transaction!
    9. I commissioned Darkdojy for a face-up on one of my dolls and she was a delight to work with! Always kept me updated when I had questioned, finished the face-up super fast and it turned out breathtakingly gorgeous! Shipping back was equally fast and she arrived well wrapped safe and sound.
      I would not hesitate to commission her again and can whole-heartly recommend her as a face-up artist ♥
    10. Darkdojy bought some sd clothes from me, it was absolutely nice deal! Great communication, prompt payment, and she let me know when parcel arrives.

      Thank you so much Darkdojy! Hope to deal with you again♥
    11. Darkdojy purchased a Raouken Cerisedolls corset from me. She was quick to reply, quick to pay and very patient when I couldn't ship right away due to being on holiday. Highly recommended buyer.
      Thank you so much for the transaction :)
    12. A+++++++++++++++ transaction!

      Yet another perfect purchase from Darkdojy! This time I got Lillycat Cerisedolls Manon on Cartoon body in Cream Skin with the face-up and full body blush skillfully done by Darkdojy herself (koala krash) and a whole big wardrobe! Darkdojy was so very nice to accept my layaway plan and shipped the doll in a split second when it was paid off. My girl arrived in just 4 days!!! very well packed and exactly as described, with wonderful useful extras. She is so pretty, and Darkdojy is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to do business with! I will be so excited to deal with Darkdojy again at any time! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
    13. Darkdojy purchased Volks "Pastry Chef" outfit set from me.

      Great and friendly contact. Prompt payment.
      An overall excellent transaction!
      Thank you!
    14. Darkdojy sold me her OOAK Ylisande - great communication and shiping speed, the head is in excellent condition (as described), the face up itself looks amazing!
      Thank you!
    15. I bought a Tit'Herbe from DarkDojy. Everything was perfect:celebrate. As usual the doll is in perfect condition and wonderful. Communication is clear and quick.
      I highly recommend her.
    16. Darkdojy let me adopt her really cute Soom Leepy.
      Shipping was sooo fast and the package was very safe. The face up and body blushing is so amazing. Very friendly contact.
      It was a great transaction. <3

    17. I commissioned Darkdojy to do face-up for my Ios Mezz head. Communication was great. Darkdojy answered all my questions and did great face-up. I am very pleased with whole process :)
    18. I commissioned Darkdojy to paint two of my dolls. Excellent communication on her part ensuring that I was certain of all the details that would go into the painting, she also asked for my input throughout the process, allowed a very generous layaway and sent me reminders, confirmed payments and sent my girls wrapped very securely. The work done to my dolls are very detailed and unique and absolutely beautiful! I couldn't be happier and would certainly hope to work with Clem again. Thank you!
    19. Clem bought a pair of eyes from me, and was lovely to deal with throughout. Communication was swift and friendly, payment prompt, and she let me know they arrived safely. I would be very happy to recommend to others or sell to her again ^^
    20. I bought a Volks Oldskin F-09 head from Darkdojy and they were just awesome! Quick and friendly communication. They shipped it out practically same day as my payment. She came to me very well packed, and just as described! I would highly recommend Darkdojy as a seller to anyone. Thank you for the beautiful girl, and for the smooth transaction! <3