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Dates for Serendipity Releases

Dec 10, 2004

    1. I recently spoke with a Serendipity doll maker. Ah, she was just sooo sweet and cute! :) Anyway, I received some information about their future releases:

      --The boy dolls are coming before January next year.
      --60cm dolls are coming before June next year.

      Although these releases are subject to change, this is what I've been told thusfar. :) Hopefully things will come out on their projected dates - so exciting!

      Start saving up for those boys. ^_^ I know that Dechanique will be the first to buy one. <3
    2. yes! I've been waiting sooo long ;_; ::paws for sharmin boy::

      I even have an eyepatch waiting for him.. and unoa gun hands and unoa fur wig once the unoa preorder comes in! *_* and a little wifebeater and panties!
    3. :o Boy Sharmin! *dies*
    4. I've also wanted a Sharmin-style boy. I was going to order one of the new DOD boys, but since it seems the new Serendipity boy should be out relatively soon, I may hold off until I see him.

      Michelle, "too many dolls, too little money" :cry:
    5. I'm excited about the boy-Sharmins too, even though I don't have any Serendipity dolls. I just have a feeling he'll be really, really hot. @_@
    6. Arr! I might have to wait around for the new Seredendipity boy, then. At least to just see pictures; I don't want Vijaav to have to twitch bodies AGAIN if I like him better than the DOD boys. xD;
    7. yeah, i LOVE my sharmin, so i'm hoping I'll like the sharmin boy the same! then its NOMOREODLL STUFF after I get Aiden and make him a pair of pants and get him some shoesies.

      >_< MUST BE STRONG! Xmas buying is over! no more spending! Lol I tied up my credit cards and sat my doll on them. It says "DO NOT USE ME UNTIL JANUARY". XD
    8. Cant we get a sneak peek at the boy??? Please ????
      I am really looking forward to having a small boy
    9. No kidding...! I think people would KILL to take a peek at the boy. ;) Unfortunately, Serendipity didn't provide me with pictures, otherwise I would've posted them. I guess all we can do is just wait!
    10. Boy Sharmin-type... WANTS. Yesss, preciousss....
    11. awwwwwwwwwwwww... my daughter is going to be so so pleased, she's desperate for a boy for her Naomi...

    12. I can't wait to see this boy too. My Amara needs a boyfriend :)
    13. I can't wait to see this boy, either! Does Serendipity have a website I can haunt?

    14. Serendipity's website: http://www.serendipitydoll.com

      Turns out that they're releasing a line of... fairies?! Awww, Candy, Cookie, Cherry, Green Tea, and Milk. <3 They have a new fairy shop, but NO PICS yet. They're KILLING me. xD
    15. It's January, for those of you who haven't noticed.
      I want to see this Sharmin boy.
      ... he won't be limited, will he?
    16. Uh, yes, it's January, and that's what Serendipity told me when I spoke with them. That's what they told me, so... >_<
    17. boy boy boy...fairies are cute but so many now, I got boys on my mind

      I really want/need is the boy...piccies soon please.....
    18. Gah, I feel the same way... :crushed Maybe they meant before the end of January?
    19. What cute names. I can't wait to see them. And thanks for the link :grin:
    20. Definitely dying for the pictures. I've almost enough for my Too boy, but I'm waiting on the Serendipity boy to make sure he doesn't catch my eye. xD;