DayDream Dolls Discussion Part 1

May 10, 2013

    1. Did anyone see the notice they just put up? It seems like we won’t be getting Holiday Choice event this year. And I hope there won’t be any issues with the Summer 2017 orders quality wise. However it does seem like they are aware of their screw up and try to make it better in the future.
    2. It looks like they're doing one last order dec 23-29 then revamping the line and increasing the price? I might have to order the Coco I've been considering sooner rather than later.

      Does anyone have a comparison pic or description of the two white skin tones? The only owner picture I could find looked like beauty white is more pinkish and snow white is lighter and slightly more yellow toned?
    3. @Ebisama
      I appreciated they posted that announcement. I'm quite sad we don't have either the Winter event nor the Summer 2018 one, if I'm not wrong. But, pre-ordered dolls will be shipped soon so my Juliet will probably arrive in few days :3nodding:
      I'm very curious about the new dolls/bodies... and you?

      I hope you all receive your dolls/orders shortly! And I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season :love
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    4. Yeah :( I was hoping they come up with a nice release this year but what they’re doing is understandable. I wouldn’t want them to dig a deeper hole than the one they’re already in now with the Summer stuff.
      Now I am debating if I should get Grace or girl Noah before the store revamp or wait until later. I love the current Grace but it is such short notice and my budget is kind of tight because of Christmas. I am hoping to see more girl head sculpts when they re-open the doll orders. I love Bluefairy’s Sarang and Emily, so I’m hoping to see their Daydream equivalent or just some kind of smiley/happy sculpt. All the current sculpts (except Grace) look so melancholic and almost despondent. I think something cheery would be nice.
    5. Ebisama - get Grace on layaway?
    6. @Ebisama
      Almost all my girls look very pensive/sad - apart from my Momonita - and I love Daydream sculpts because of that melancholic look...but I understand they need to differentiate their molds and upgrade their service.
      I wish they could update the site soon - I love my Coco and I'm quite sure I adore my Juliet once she arrives! And I was wondering how the new bodies will be! Pretty obsessed with stability, engineering and display of doll bodies!

      Personally speaking, I love Noah more than Grace though I see Grace is pretty popular in this Thread! I wish I also could buy a new doll from them before they stop accepting new orders but I'm waiting for next week JerryBerry Winter Haze event way :|
    7. I didn’t know they have layaway service.. I’ll shoot them a Q&A and see if they’ll come back next year. If that means double jointed bodies then I will probably wait. I hope they don’t make changes to the current head sculpts. Especially Noah and Grace!!

      Funny note: I have friends whose names are Noah and Grace and they’re actually dating each other lol!
    8. Oh yeah, maybe they don’t. I have no idea.
    9. If anyone tried to order a coco or coco in Love earlier this week and got an out of stock message it’s fixed now. There was an error on the order page for coco.
    10. sweetestfrog Thank You! I ordered him without faceup, so I'll take pictures when he gets his face :3nodding:

      Yeah! Also Coco in love head has become available in the Parts as an option of Coco head.
    11. I've just received an update from Daydream about my Summer Choice order. My doll will be shipped out in third week of January :3nodding:
      Have you also received a confirmation email from them?
      Can't wait for my Juliet!
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    12. I did too. It says they will send it out first week of January. So excited :)
    13. I received an update about my Honey Grace. They said it would ship at the end of January, that it needs more time because I selected the customized faceup. I'm excited for when she arrives!
    14. @Ebisama Yes, so excited!

      @Squishtaru :love your photos and the positive feedback you have done of their tan skin dolls is the main reason why I decided to order a Honey skin girl :3nodding:
      This thread will be soon full of pictures of amazing dolls!
    15. Thank you! I was really impressed with their tan skin resin! I still need to give them faceups... so many doll projects I'm behind on. :lol: Next year for sure! I really love Daydream dolls so I'm happy to see that more of them will be around!
    16. I'm glad a lot of you are receiving some updates from DayDream. I kind of had my hopes up, but still nothing from Dolkus. Oh well :( But I'm happy for the rest of you! Can't wait to see some beautiful new dolls in the next few weeks.
    17. I'm right there with you. Stay strong, my friend!! I plan to contact them again on the 2nd to see if there's been any updates. :hug:
    18. My Juliet and Juliet in love will be coming home to be with my Grace and Noah in a week or so! :D Yay!

      I wonder what this renewal will entail? I wonder if the arms will become double-jointed? :3 That would make me super excited.

      I hope we don't have to wait too long to find out >_<
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    19. Hoping for some good news! Please let me know if you get a response :kitty2
    20. I kind of get the feeling they won't ship my Grace this week, even though they said it'll be the first week of January ^^;
      I wonder if that means everyone else's is getting pushed back too.