DayDream Dolls Discussion Part 1

May 10, 2013

    1. I got my notice of shipment this evening, so it would seem that they are starting to move some dolls along :o
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    2. [​IMG]

      Zero made it! His sculpt is Ryan, and I modded him to have point elf ears. He actually arrived before Christmas, which I really had given up on, but I didn't unbox him till Christmas Day. It was weird because I got no shipping notice and was away in Dublin when he arrived. When I got home the box was there and even my mum was excited. He doesn't have a face up yet, but I love him already. He poses great and he can slouch which looks so perfect for such a sulky kid! I managed to find his oversized pink boots too. He's in my doll profile if you want to see a portrait and I'll be giving him a face up when I've got rid of the flu. IF I get rid of the flu....:ablah:

      Oh, also, since he first appears in the novels aged six, and then again twenty years later, I’ve also ordered an adult version of him: Iplehouse Felix. He’s one of my absolute favourites of my OCs and he’s usually everyone else’s favourite too. The boy ain’t right.
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    3. Yay! Congrats! They stopped taking orders for a while so I’m guessing they had a backlog. I didn’t get a shipping notice!
    4. I'm really glad things are moving along for some of you!! :) Congrats! @Spuggey, your boy is adorable! Love those overalls!

      I'm curious, is anyone else still waiting on their order? @sweetestfrog are you still hanging in their with me? Hoping for a shipping notice any day now...
    5. I am waiting on mine. They did not send it on the first week like they said they would. I'll give it until mid next week to email them if there's no update. It's a little bit annoying to be left in the dark like this haha..
    6. Thanks! He’s a feral kid who wears what he finds (including the too big pink boots that feature in the story...)

      You might want to try emailing... I did and it seemed to just give them a nudge. ;)
    7. Nothing yet, unfortunately. I sent DOLKUS an email on the 2nd and then again on the 8th. They've always been great about communication so I'm not sure why I haven't heard anything back yet... My hubby thinks I should cancel my order, but I didn't wait 5 months for nothing ;) I will have my doll :evilplot:
    8. Sounds like my situation, I emailed on the 31st and no response :( I think I'll email again tonight (both Dolkus and Daydream), and maybe find them on their facebook page too. I hate feeling like such a nag, but I do agree that 5 months is quite a long time without communication. I'll try to keep your enthusiasm though, ultimately I don't want a refund, I want my doll ;) @Ebisama what a pain! Crossing my fingers it ships for you!
    9. I haven't considered contacting DayDream personally... Definitely worth a shot though
    10. I got an email today from Daydream that my order that I placed at the end of December should ship at the end of March. So looks like the orders before they close shop and renew the dolls will ship out around then.
    11. That's great! Hopefully your dolls gets home to you soon :)

      And my 6 month wait finally ended! My adorable Little Prince body showed up! At LAST :D I'm surprised at how light he feels, and the resin is sooooo pink! I have him hybrid with a Doll in Mind head, so I don't know if anyone would actually want to see him here (not to mention I have no idea how to post photos on DoA), but I just wanted to pop in and say that Dolkus finally pulled through. I admit, I'm a little wary of ever ordering directly through DayDream either, but I love this body since much and I'm eyeing their other boy body for another one of my DiM heads, so I don't know...
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    12. Hey :)
      I today received my Juliet in Honey Skin - ordered during the Summer event. She's absolutely amazing! I will post some pics of her asap.
      I hope your dolls will arrive soon :love
    13. Glad to hear he arrived safe and sound! I finally managed to get ahold of DayDream and they said my order would be shipped to DOLKUS in two weeks. So just a little longer for me xD
    14. Good to know! I also received my order this week! And surprisely, my doll and I have the same birthday! What a coincidence! I really can't wait to see him, but sadly I'm now far away from home:( However, I'm so happy to have the little prince Juliet. I actually missed the Summer Event, but luckily I bought the doll second-handed! The process of having my little baby is full of luck!
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    16. OMG they are super cute! I love your Juliet especially! I actually want an open-eye honey skin's Juliet but as I missed the event, I can only get a close-eye one. Your Juliet is exactly what I dream of! He is lovely!
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    17. The long wait is almost over! I have a tracking number and my baby is currently in New York! :dance
    18. Just got my shipping email for my coco I ordered in December! Looks like they staying true to their shipment timetable
    19. Is anyone still waiting on the summer event Honey skin dolls? I am still waiting on mine, it's been over 7 months now.
    20. I received mine a couple weeks ago. They didn't send me notification email on shipping. It just arrived?
      The whole thing makes it a bit hard to bond with the doll ^^;