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DayDream Dolls Discussion Part 1

May 10, 2013

    1. My honey skin Grace finally arrived! It's been almost 9 months, that was quite the wait! Maybe it was due to the manufacturing problems that they stated in their news update.

      Well here she is! The honey skin color is more yellow than I was expecting. It looks similar to Volks Sunlight, but with a darker yellow tone.

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    2. Congratulations, she's beautiful :love

      Ah, sorry, it has taken me a lot to write back :abow: Thank you for your comment, Juliet is really adorable! I love Daydream dolls!​
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    3. Does anyone know the neck size of the Little Prince body? I'm not too worried about my hybrid plans but I'd like to know
      I'm super glad they let me order before they discontinued it. A real shame, I hope they renew it and place a newer version for sale later down the line
    4. I imagine the neck size would be the same as all the other bodies, since the heads fit on all the bodies.

      And Day Dream made an announcement on May 25:
      We would like to
      inform our customers that our renwal process has been accelerated recently. Not
      only head and body molds, but also other doll supplies will be developed as
    5. It's amazing how quickly everything sold out. Just goes to show how much people love DayDream :blush
      I really hope they re-release the Pony Farm jumpsuits... I haven't been able to find anything else quite like them. Everywhere else just has overalls :sigh
    6. I think.... I would love a yosd size doll from Day Dream. Even if they never do that, I absolutely love the height variation for their dolls. I'm anxiously awaiting their renewal!! :D
    7. I also look forward to the new dolls and you're right, a Yosd one in their style would be so cute!
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    9. Wow, these dolls are beautiful! I found them through the BF page on the wiki- I LOVE Coco, especially with the faceup she's got in the site photos. I'll have to add her head to my wishlist to put on a BF body.
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    10. I'm little worried about Daydream... when they open again? Any news about it?

      This is Rin - Coco in love. I'm trying to draw face up for him ^^
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    11. @Milo there still hasn't been any news from Day Dream on their English site since May 2018, but they had expected to be up and running in time for summer.

      What a great look for your Coco In Love! I haven't seen a boy Coco, and your Rin looks fantastic!
    12. I contacted them few weeks ago during their Summer Outfit Event. The event was promoted just on their Korean blog but they allowed me to place an order to get one of their lovely outfits. Daydreamers are always so kind!
      They should update the International site soon, probably end of August.
      ** fingers crossed ** :)
    13. I saw the new daydreamer Helen via Chole’s Twitter! It seems that Helen is Grace’s sister (or Noah’s? I am not sure:?)
      And she said if everything’s going well, Helen and renewal Grace will be introduced as Daydream’s new limited type at mid-August.
      What a exciting news!!!

      But I think the date we meet Helen and renewal Grace will be postponed as usual...:atremblin

      Ryan Grace and Helen is coming!! And normal skin is called warm beige now:ablink: beauty white is english rose
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    14. @Peppermintsheep I really hope they are return soon T_T
      Thank You so much!

      @Flaxen Hair Girl oh yes, Chloe is very kind :3nodding: I was able to buy Coco in Love in last event, as I dreamed and wrote to her about it.

      @miantuotuo sorry, where did you see this news?

    15. Ooh, exciting! I can't wait to see what Helen looks like!
    16. Hi guys, I heard about DayDream open there order again! I am so excited!! I want to know which size of body for Helen is the best? Helen is so beautiful, I want to buy the head and find a new body for her! Thanks!
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    18. I wish Daydream's outfits come back on stock again, they are so simple but cute!