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DayDream Dolls Discussion Part 1

May 10, 2013

    1. I'm hoping so too! As much as I like the outfit my girl's currently in, I can't help but think she'd look so much better in an official outfit from the company

      I did have a question for other owners though, as I'd never actually heard about this company until receiving a Coco In Love in a trade, so I'm not all that knowledgeable about the standard quality of the doll and it's certificate, which has lead to a few things causing mild red flags since owning her for a month or so now.
      Is it common for them to have more noticeable seam lines, especially on their arms and legs, and rougher canals for stringing? Because my doll has some smooth but really obvious seams, mostly on her shoulders and thigh pieces, and the cavity of her chest piece is a bit more rough than I'm used to dolls looking inside.

      I apologize if these are stupid questions or if I sound like I'm over-paranoid, I'm just not familiar with this company and what to expect from them at all, and I the discussion for the company seemed like the best place to ask.
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    2. Hi @Onyx-Witch! Yes, Daydream dolls still have their parting lines/seams. I'm surprised she has a certificate! I guess Daydream started adding them after counterfeit dolls started being a really big problem. Daydream is such a small company, though, that it's unlikely that there's a demand for their dolls in the recast market.

      One thing to be aware of , though-- Daydream has had a problem with the company they use to actually cast their dolls, so if you find imperfections in the resin, that's unfortunately normal. (These issues with the casting company is why the dolls were only available for sale once this year, and why it takes so long for them to be shipped out. Daydream is working on it!)

      Scary business out of the way... congrats on your new girl! Hope you post some pics soon!
    3. I ordered a Helen head back in September, and that hasn't shipped yet. :3 I realize it hasnt been all that long, but I assumed that when they opened that order for just Helen heads that it would probably be fairly quick.

      Has anyone else ordered this head? ^^
    4. @Onyx-Witch
      Hi there! Fingers crossed, I hope new wonderful outfits will be released by Daydream soon! I strongly recommend you to follow their blog for news and updates at: page's page : 네이버 블로그 (the blog is in Korean but you can easily translate it using Google translate :))

      The Pink Sailor outfit I own was supposed to be available only in the Asian market but when I contacted them through the website board, they were so nice to allow me to buy it even if I live in Europe. So, following their blog finally helps me to get more news about sales and available products.
      About your question on noticeable seam lines, well, I own two Daydream dolls, a Coco in natural skin and a Juliet Special Summer Edition in Honey skin. The first one is just perfect! No seam lines and simply super cute! The only trouble I currently get - I bought her almost 2 years ago - it's about 'stringing' and that makes me think I should learn how to restringing her even if is a daunting task!
      Juliet is also very pretty - I love Daydreamers' make up, almost similar to what you can get from a face-up artist! - but, she has very noticeable seam lines!
      As @Peppermintsheep wrote, Daydream has had a problem with the company they use to actually cast their dolls, and my opinion is that it was a quite clear matter regarding their 2017 Summer Event dolls. After that event, they stopped selling dolls online and started speaking about a general 'renewal' of the whole product line.
      I really, really hope they can solve soon the problem. I'm such a huge fan of Daydream dolls, they're definitely my MSD fave dolls!
      Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your Daydream cutie!
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    5. Dumb question probably, but is Daydream going to discontinue or "remake" (I'm not sure what the correct term is here sorry;___ ; some of their sculpts? They are having a stock sale for Coco, Sally, Grace and Ryan, where both Grace and Ryan's description says "former version" while Coco and Sally's doesn't.
      Plus Grace, Ryan and Helen are all under the "prerelease" section but their other sculpts are not?
      I know they are having issues with the casting company that's why they are not taking orders for dolls, but I'm just curious of how much is going to change when they reopen

      also!!! i do wish the Pages the best of luck with sorting everything out!!!!
    6. My Ryan has pretty bad seams on his inner thighs, which I might sand because he’s wearing shorts, but I’ve got no issues with quality - he’s great. The seam lines are easily dealt with in lighter skin dolls. Mine also came with a certificate so I assume Daydream does send them now.
    7. Do you know Daydream are offering a 'Stock Sale' in their International Shop? I honestly hoped they could offer shoes and wigs for sale, I need them for my girls, so much :blush
    8. I actually really like their wigs, too. I wonder why they arent selling them anymore..
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    9. So I’ve always loved Daydreams glass eyes but I’ve sort of fallen in love with their dolls as well. I went on a bit of a reading spree of their blog - what a mess! I hope they’re able to move forward swiftly with the issues they’ve been having. I’m hoping to own my own sometime soon!
    10. @Peppermintsheep @Flaxen Hair Girl @Spuggey Thank so much for all the information on both company and the average doll quality! It's really appreciated, and it definitely helped get rid of the concerns I had about my doll.
      She did actually come with a certificate, but they had a spelling error, which was another reason I was questioning the dolls authenticity at first.

      But this is the doll I've been talking about. I started calling her rue when I first got her, and the name pretty much stuck since than.
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    11. Does anyone happen to know if Warm Beige is a match for BF's 'normal' skintone on their Classic bodies?

      I've always wanted Coco but I'm not a huge fan of their bodies, I'd prefer to use a Classic BF body to go with my BF/AR dolls.
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    12. Do soneone know when the dolls are going to be released? I would love to have a little girl from them yoy

      I also hope the renewed bidy will have double joints!!!
    13. I hadn't heard that DayDream was developing new bodies? Do you happen to have a source? Just curious :?
    14. Has anybody ever done a hybrid for Daydream head and Luts KDF body before? Kind of wondering if it would fit with the size and resin colour XD
    15. Did Daydream ever post an updated shipping schedule for their renewed heads? I feel like they've been extremely quiet lately (I know they're going through issues with sora*iro, but still)
    16. @asatou I know it’s a little late but as someone who owns both Luts KDF and a Daydream doll, I would say that the compatibility for a hybrid is mixed.

      As far as neck and head, Daydream head will fit if you change the S-hook and replace it since Luts and Daydream have different head openings/s-hooks. I have a Daydream Coco and her head seems to fit fine in a Luts KDF boy body by changing the S-hook. Luts KDF neck/head hole seems a bit more wider than Daydream. Now, as for head size, Daydream’s heads are a bit bigger than Luts KDF so in that case it depends if you like or don’t mind bigger head with an MSD body. It might not be as noticeable with a wig. Finally, as far as resin color, well, I don’t have Daydream’s new resin colors (such as cool or warm beige) so I really don’t know about that but for the old normal skin in comparison to Luts’ normal skin... it’s a no match. Daydream’s old NS is a much pinker tone than Luts’ NS which is more beige/yellow tone. So unless you are willing to do a bit of modification to the shading/color of the head, it will not fit well at all in terms of skin match.

      Maybe someone who owns a Daydream doll with the newer skin tones can tell you if those might be a better match.
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    17. Luts msd heads vary a lot in size though. I have two LUTS KDF and a Daydream Coco and my Coco is right in the middle when it comes to head size. Bory is probably their most popular sculpt and that head is pretty small, but I also have a Basil and her head is much bigger than Bory’s. So if you’re wondering what the head size would look like on a KDF body try looking at one of the kdf sculpts with a bigger head and not something tiny like Bory.

      I’m not sure about skin tone since my Daydream is white skin and both my Luts are normal skin.
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    18. There's a new announcement on the Daydream website. Does anyone know what the legal issues are about?