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DayDream Dolls Discussion Part 1

May 10, 2013

    1. They've been in a legal battle with Sorairo. My Korean isn't very proficient, so someone correct me if I've been understanding the situation wrong, but Daydream is claiming they have not received payments for dolls ordered/shipped to Sorairo. Sorairo then claimed that Daydream owed them money. Daydream rejected the claims and planned to meet to discuss them but Sorairo's president refused to meet with Chloe (this was back in 2016).

      Rumors started to spread and Chloe's health took a turn due to it (they claim panic attacks and anxiety and needed therapy - which is a Big Deal to admit for most Koreans).

      They now have an international lawsuit against Sorairo for defamation and business interruptions and the whole legal thing has been handed over to a legal representative.

      There's a lot more if you really dig into the blogs, but thats the jist.
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    2. Gosh really, I had no idea, I hope they are able to resolve this. Thank you for explaining!
    3. It looks like they’re selling the rest of their stock via lucky bags before some kind of transfer? It’s hard to tell from the news page. I bought one of the mid tier lucky bags just in case. I hope things improve for Chloe and Daydream comes back