DayDream Dolls Discussion Part 1

May 10, 2013

    1. They've been in a legal battle with Sorairo. My Korean isn't very proficient, so someone correct me if I've been understanding the situation wrong, but Daydream is claiming they have not received payments for dolls ordered/shipped to Sorairo. Sorairo then claimed that Daydream owed them money. Daydream rejected the claims and planned to meet to discuss them but Sorairo's president refused to meet with Chloe (this was back in 2016).

      Rumors started to spread and Chloe's health took a turn due to it (they claim panic attacks and anxiety and needed therapy - which is a Big Deal to admit for most Koreans).

      They now have an international lawsuit against Sorairo for defamation and business interruptions and the whole legal thing has been handed over to a legal representative.

      There's a lot more if you really dig into the blogs, but thats the jist.
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    2. Gosh really, I had no idea, I hope they are able to resolve this. Thank you for explaining!
    3. It looks like they’re selling the rest of their stock via lucky bags before some kind of transfer? It’s hard to tell from the news page. I bought one of the mid tier lucky bags just in case. I hope things improve for Chloe and Daydream comes back
    4. I got notification that my lucky bag shipped. If anyone else ordered one expect it to ship soon~
    5. @Elomina
      Thank you so much for the info! I also ordered a Lucky Box and I was wondering when they would be shipped :)
    6. It looks like No Makeup Head Ryan and No Makeup Head Grace are available for sale right now... and if you click on the Special Sale button on the left, Daydream’s makeup service is also available. So it looks like you can get two makeup heads if you wanted.
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    7. I got my lucky box today and I’m very pleased - got two blank heads, two wigs, six pairs of eyes, a pair of shoes and a necklace. Was thrilled I got another coco head since she’s my favorite.
    8. @Elomina
      So happy for you! Can't wait for my Lucky Box too...still waiting for the shipment notification, I hope they will send it soon!
    9. Hi there!
      My lucky box arrived today and I'm super happy with it! Got two blank heads, a Evan and a Grace, plus two wigs, 4 pairs of acrylic eyes and 1 pair of glass eyes, a necklace and a pair of glasses! I own a Coco and a Juliet so now my Daydream family has two new members! I hope Daydream will release new bodies soon :)
    10. @Flaxen Hair Girl
      What color heads did you get? I got Helen in white rose and Coco in warm beige. I hope they come out with their bodies soon and that they’re as nice as the old ones. I know a lot of people are hoping for double jointed but I like the single jointed Daydream bodies. I wish I could have gotten company face ups on the heads but I didn’t know if which ones I’d get or if I’d like them. Helen is pretty but her lips are more full than I’d like.
      All the eyes I got were acrylic but they’re surprisingly good quality for not being glass.
    11. @Elomina
      The heads I received are both in Apricot beige (cool beige). I honestly was hoping for a Sally or a Ryan head but Evan and Grace are indeed very cute.
      I also like the Daydream single jointed bodies very much. I don't know if the new ones will be double jointed or not, I honestly hope they are not!
      I'm a huge fan of this company and I can't wait for their new products. I wish they could come back soon with amazing dolls! And yes, the company faceups are simply amazing, custom-artist quality like!
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    12. Can anyone pretty please tell me about Daydream's current NS resin color? I was hoping to put a Bluefairy head (or maybe some other head) on that cute 39cm Daydream body, and though I can gather that the fit/proportions seem great, I have seen wildly conflicting info about the resin match and what Daydream's resin color looks like in general. :?

      Daydream said that it is possible to order just the body now, but I am hesitant to attempt a hybrid when I have literally no clue about the body's color, so any comments about it would be very appreciated! :)
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    13. @Dolly

      Hi there! I hope it helps you, below is a photo showing how the Daydream and the Bluefairy resin color looks.
      From left to right:
      1. Daydream Natural Skin
      2. Bluefairy Beauty White
      3. Bluefairy Basic

      My Daydream doll is dated 2017 while the Bluefairy dolls are dated 2018/2019.

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    14. @Flaxen Hair Girl ~ thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. :D Yikes, that is an awful match, but it is at least good to know that it won't work!

      Ah well, I'll just cross my fingers and hope that Daydream starts selling Coco or Juliet again. <3
    15. @Dolly
      You're welcome!
      I think Daydream will probably release new resin colors in the future. I got two blank heads from them during their Lucky Bag Event and they are both Apricot beige (cool beige). Now I'm looking forward to the new bodies to be released. I hope soon!
      Coco and Juliet are my fav sculpts too - as matter of fact I own a Coco and a Juliet :XD: - but I wish I had a Sally too!
      Their first dolls were all so lovely!
    16. It does seem that way. One of my heads is listed as “warm beige” which I thought was just their normal skin tone with a new name but I’m not really sure. My only daydream doll is beauty white, which I think has been renamed as well. My other head is white rose, which looks the same as my beauty white doll.

      So maybe there will be a cool beige and a warm beige?
    17. @Flaxen Hair Girl ~ I'm looking forward to seeing the new bodies too! I'm late to the Daydream party but I hope they will make a nice comeback as they seem to have so much potential. BTW, I peeked on your Flickr and your girls are so precious! :D You take very nice photos too.
    18. @Dolly
      Thank you so much, glad you like my girls and their photos! As many doll collectors, I currently post photos to Instagram and Twitter mostly, though Flickr's my 'first love'! The doll community was used to be really amazing there!

      Daydream dolls are fantastic, as you said, they have so much potential! Can't wait for updates!
    19. Hi there!
      A new limited dress set is available at Daydream site! I love their outfits, always so lovely and well-made!
      Daydream - the world of Chloe Page

      And, I also have some news about doll bodies. Daydream have in stock few bodies dated 2017. During the Lucky Bag Event I got two heads in cool beige skin. Few days ago I contacted them asking for news about doll parts and I had the chance to buy, at a discounted price, both a boy and a girl body from their past collection.
      Skin color may differ a little bit because the bodies were made in 2017, while the heads I own are dated 2019 but, if you send the heads to them they try to find the doll parts which best match the heads skin color.
      I hope it helps!

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    20. Looks like they’re having a preorder for the renewal coco head and two limited heads starting 11/26. No new bodies yet but I think you can buy one of the old ones with a coupon for new body upgrade?

      Not sure if I really like the new Coco head, I prefer the eyes on the old one.