DayDream Dolls Discussion Part 1

May 10, 2013

    1. Fabian is super cute, so is the cinnamon skin (of course my fav of the heads I prefer not in cinnamon). Coco renewal also looks fantastic. They did a great job preserving her vibe while loosing a lot of that "plastic-y" look the older model had.

      I wish they'd let us order these new skin tones as well as a body for Ryan and Grace too. Would have jumped at the chance of a cinnamon Ryan.
    2. I hope this is a sign that they will release the new bodies soon!!!
      The new resin colors and sculpts looks lovely! (though I too wish that they also offered Ryan and Grace in cinnamon). It seems like Daydream is going for a subtle new style? Like the chins seems... slimmer? I know some people who might describe it as a "v-shape" but I'm not too knowledgeable on that kind of terminology so I could be wrong. Honestly I kinda prefer the old style It just felt "cute" rather than "pretty" if that makes sense, it's interesting how some subtle changes can change so much^-^. (not that the old style wasn't pretty, and the new style isn't cute but I don't know how else to describe it:/).

      I know I sound really negative but I do like the new sculpts and frankly, it's too early to talk about new styles so I'm just getting ahead of myself.
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    3. The eyes and chins definitely look different to me. Even the face up style looks like they’re moving away from that Bluefairy-like look. Both styles are beautiful but I miss Coco’s sassy glare. Maybe it’s just the eyebrows in that face up?
    4. Yeah, I did noticed how different the eyebrows in the face-up looked so I'm glad you mentioned it! They look darker and it's almost like they don't have a curve so it does create another expression! This goes for Coco but also for the two new sculpts. It also looks like they made Coco's eyes smaller so that's also probably why.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      I hope it's alright that I post this but here is both versions of Coco for comparison, just in case anyone wanted to look at them side by side
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    5. Agreed, maybe it depends on the make-up, but I prefer the previous Coco head! Though the new one looks very good in Cinnamon skin.
      Anyway, I definitely will take advantage of the pre-release to buy some glass eyes for my Daydreamers :3nodding:
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    6. I really like the new Coco. I used to be in love with the old head but I feel my tastes changed since they discontinued it - I'm glad the new one fits my new tastes better. I like Fabien too :) not 100% on the make up for them though.
      Unfortunately they've come at bad time for my financially :sweat
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    7. Just ordered Fabien. I hope they renew make up service soon so I can pick up Ryan one day too.
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    8. I think they offer a make-up service under "special sale" which you can order together with a no-make-up head.
      Also congrats on Fabien. Even though it hasn't arrived yet lol, but it's a beautiful sculpts (I specially like the cat-like eyes) so I hope you will post some pictures here when it arrives:)
    9. Unfortunately it says on the listing that it's for the heads in the special sale category which wad just the stock sales of the old heads.
    10. Ah sorry I must have missed that.... That a little disappointing:/
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    11. Forgot to post this guy here. Fabien came in back in Feb and cemented my love for this company. I hope they can do more soon.

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    12. @revien
      I saw the photos of your beautiful Daydream boy just yesterday on your IG gallery :love
      I'm in love!
    13. Thanks @Flaxen Hair Girl!
      I've been immensely enjoying him - I was worried since I normally don't like mini dolls once in hand.
    14. Oh dear, the Daydream website seems to have vanished, there is nothing but a generic "site closed" notice . . . I hope everything is okay! Does anyone know, did they just move or something? :(
    15. @Flaxen Hair Girl ~ Thanks for pointing that out! I hadn't thought to check the KR and JP sites, its a good sign that they are still up. Also crossing my fingers, hopefully Daydream is doing ok and will be back up and running soon.
    16. Looks like the English site is back up
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    17. of course I only discover a company after they have issues. Typical.
      I hope they're back up and running soon because I am now enviously eying up Laurent.
    18. Good news! I recently contacted Daydream about some doll accessories that are currently sold out - to know if they have few stock items available. Here is their reply:

      Hello nati
      Thank you for the inquiry and We are sorry for the late response.
      Unfortunately, we do not accept any order at this moment.
      New website will be opened in this month and the order will be reopened when the new website is opened.
      Thank you and have a great day!

      It seems they are working on a new website.... I'm crossing my fingers :3nodding:
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    19. ooo exciting.

      How are the bodies in terms of posing and standing?