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DBDoll 1/3 Heads ~ Yu, YeLang, and Buchen

Mar 12, 2009

    1. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=280883

      Yu, YeLang, and Buchen: how do you like them?

      I certainly enjoy the different ears. I love elf sculpt dolls and those big-big ears are my favorite~

      Personally, I like Yu. He is very adorable! YeLang on the other hand is scaring me a bit. I can't look at the pictures for too long. :O

      What do you think? Love 'em, hate 'em, waiting for owner pictures? :)
    2. good god, yelang is terrifying! i could see someone loving him, though. i rather like buchen! that slightly grumpy face is too cute.
    3. He does really, really kind of frighten me. I can't explain it, but it's like how I felt when I was little and afraid of the dark. Though, I think he would make a great character for a super-natural story. :3

      I think I could fall in love with Buchen if he was given the right face-up~
    4. haha, i think you pegged it perfectly! it's not just his face...he just kind of has a menacing air. man, him and orijiean(i think i spelled that right) would be a terrifying duo!

      *nods* the faceup they have on him is a little too severe, i think.
    5. M hm! There's just something about him. Something I can't pin-down but it's more frightening than it should be. :...(

      A little, yes. He could look just as soft and beautiful as Yu with a good face-up. x]
    6. To be honest I am in love with Yelang!! I just love the creepyness.
      I look forward to seeing the 1/3 bodies...
    7. I like a lot YeLang his mold face fits perfectly to my main character,i'm planning to buy this head sooner still do not decide about face up...i do not like much the third eye but i can ask to paint as open bleeding wound.
    8. anyone else seeing him as a Hiei bjd?
    9. Yelang is definitely interesting.

      I like Buchen.

      They mentioned having a 1/3 body later. I wonder if it will be as mobile as the tiny body.
    10. With how nice those tiny bodies are, I personally have high hopes for those bodies. Did you see how detailed and poseable they are? Here's hoping the 1/3 body follows suit. :)
    11. I like YRLANG.He is very special.I don't think he is terrifying.^0^
      And YU is elegance.He has a good looking.
    12. Lol it's funny I ran across this, I've had troubles finding anything about these sculpts besides where I first found them. I actually bought Yelang, I want him toned down a lot though his default makes him look very tired and very angry. I fell in love though because he stuck out the most to me, like every other sculpt and doll started looking the same after searching and searching and then I found him. He was interesting and after a few days with him still on my mind I decided to buy him. The problume I'm having though is eyes...hard when theres 3. I don't know if they should all be the same or if the 3rd eye should be demonlike and red while the other 2 are normal or what... *sigh*

      Oh it makes me so happy bodies are going to be made!! I can't wait to see them :) *excitment*
    13. Oh,dear,did you buy yelang?Could you show me your pictures?I really want to see a different yelang.:)
    14. I think I'm just skittish. Always have been afraid of the dark. >3<;;

      Yu really is beautiful. He reminds me a lot of the Dream of Doll sculpts. I may have to save up and get the full doll, if they come out. :]
    15. I'm afraid of dark too!:)
      I'll tell you if the whole doll is coming.:)
    16. I think Yu is sweet looking but I love Buchen--love those pouty lips! I'm looking forward to seeing their 1/3 bodies, too. The mobility on their 1/6 bodies look fabulous and makes their 1/3 seem promising as well. I'm definitely getting a Yuer boy soon but haven't decided on whether to go ahead with the Buchen head or wait for the bodies. I suspect I'll just wait for the bodies to come out.

      Yelang is definitely different and the sculpt is nice. I do like the third eye, just don't have any characters he would fit.

      Lookame, personally I'd have to go with a different color for the third eye. To me it should be more of a spirit- or occult-based eye rather than an actual, matching third eye. If that makes sense.
    17. I've put Yelang on my wishlist for sure!! This is the first time in ages I actually feel exited about saving for a new doll. I really look forward to the bodies release. I have a feeling that they will be very interesting :)
      I have a perfect character in mind for him too. I also have a spare red eye that I can use for his third eye (the other is used in my Volks Elena who has one red eye and one purple eye).
      I will also enjoy giving him makeup. He will be an interesting challenge!
    18. I decided to purchase a pair of full black eyes with a red iris for his 3rd eye. so where the white is normally its black and the pupil is black also...lol and I think I'm going to use these really awesome dark blue eyes that fade into a deep green for his regular eyes. I'm also commissioning his face up so he wont look as tired and angry, but still kindve miserable. He's going to be a lot of fun. Very excited!
    19. Sounds great, Kuraroka-chan! I'm looking forward to seeing some owner pics of these sculpts soon :D

      Lookame, that sounds awesome for his eyes and face up. Please share some pics with us when you get him done.
    20. Sounds exciting! Looking forward to see photos! :D

      Hurhur, if I ever get a Yelang, I don't think my dad could sleep at night. xD He already thinks DZ Megi will kill him...