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DBDoll 1/6 Yo-Sized Cuties:D

Dec 29, 2008

    1. Anyone seen these yet? I am just blown away by the awesome:XD: Absolutely beautiful little things:D Check out their website for the body and heads available:D I adore that amazing little body! *is a sucker for intricate details and three part torsos* Want want want:D :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea


      Main 1/6 Size page:

      There are four heads available and two genders:D There are many many skin tones aswell. There was a marketplace thread with all the information in English about these guys but it seems to be gone now. You can also find them on ebay if you want to buy one.
    2. My gods, I know what you mean. They are just so articulate, and have such a unique body type. They just pose so well~ Definitely some of the best Yo-sized babies out there. :D
    3. Rock on! I love the ears
    4. It has really interesting joints. I wonder what the other two heads look like.
    5. Holy Cow how did I miss these
      I do prefere my dolls a little smaller ...but LOVE the body and those big floppy Elf ears ...very nice
      ...in fact interchangeable ears ..mhhhhh

      thats the only thing I dont like ...they get on my nerves ...but thats just me ...what an adorable boy

      mhhh \I think another I must add to my Tinybear hit list
    6. haha, somehow I knew you might like these, too TinyBear;D But aren't they something else? I love love love three part torsos and chubby bodies:D
    7. I think I found my next doll. :D I love all those joints. I can't wait to see the other 2 heads.
    8. i'm not crazy about the face but I'm interested in the posability. I hope their other heads interest me more.
    9. I like their body, so unique and posable.
    10. I just love the head I can't wait to see the other head they have and resin compatibilities !
    11. I pm'd Stacey and she sent me a resin comparison photo set.
    12. OMG I love that body!! I'm waiting to see the other 2 heads!
    13. So has anyone ordered one yet? I've got the money but I'm kind of waiting to see the other two heads first. Hopefully that will be soon. I'm really loving the body, and those big droopy ears.
    14. Oohh could you show us? I'd love to know if the bodies would work with Yos or not o.o

    15. I like him, too, iris. And the face reminds me a little of a child Megi.
    16. I bought bodies only will post pics when they arrive late January. :)
    17. Awesome, Chinadoll I can't wait to see:D Though I may have my own by then;)
    18. It's been posted in the sales thread.
    19. Thank you, Llwynog^^ I'm on my way there now:D
    20. I really, really want to see the girl body. I love those wings. Not keen on the half eye boy face, but the sleeping face is precious.