DC/DZ Discontinues and resin changes?

Apr 22, 2019

    1. I've seen many people infer that with the huge discontinues between Doll Chateau, and now Doll Zone, that the companies are preparing to release new sculpts or something else. I am wondering, have the companies actually stated anything of the sort? Or is it more of an assumption based on previous mass-discontinuations that you all have seen in the past. I am rather new to the hobby, so I'm not sure how things like this usually go! Do you think that they will release a batch of new products at once? Or slowly release new things as time passes? It's all purely skeptical of course, but I've never been in this situation and I'm curious as to what everyone else thinks is to come.

      I also wonder, with their making tan resin unavailable - have they elaborated on this at all? Is it temporary? Do they know when it will be back, if at all? Or at the very least, what do you all think will happen?

      (If this is posted in the wrong place, my apologies!! I could not think of where to place it)
    2. Dollzone and DollChateau have already done a few discontinuations of many sculpts, they release new sculpts regularly and have many events each year (spring halloween winter), you can see it if you browse through their news pages.

      Their tan has never been quite stable. They stop and change it from time to time, considering the production time it can affect an order after it has been placed which can be really disappointing by experience.
      It will probably be avalaible again.
    3. @Skimo has got it exactly, I’d say. DC/DZ regularly release dolls, they are one of the most active groups I follow. They don’t have a need to release a huge batch at once, when they release regularly. I think they are simply trying to distance themselves (not in an unkind way!) from Dream Valley after the split, and work on new styles.

      And yeah, the last tan was very inconsistent, sometimes being soda-coloured orange. I can see why they stop and start that colour.
    4. With tan, the color does come and go. I guess DZ get more complaints about their tan that is why it is such a irregular skin tone. Usually they release tan once a year, especially a lot of people asked them and assure DZ that we are aware of how imperfect the tan resin is. The last batch was somewhat okay, but the batch before it turned out orangey... I would say, they have not find that perfect tan resin. Korean companies had their tan somewhat consistent like luts, switch and so on... But not yet with chinese companies...even though they been casting longer than korea.

      Five years ago, I was told, the reason for discontinuing of DZ and DC sculpts is because of the moulds. Apparently they became unusable at certain time. But i notice as their sculpt artist decide to leave them and become independent...DZ decides it is time to let go that artists dolls too. DZ changed so much from day 1 i joined tge hobby.
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    5. @violetdepravity @nattherat @Skimo Thanks guys this is all really informative!! I've also seen the speculation that it is simply a method to distance themselves from Dream Valley which is totally valid, and I'm excited to see what new stuff they release in time!
      The inconsistency of the tan resin is a shame. I knew about the orange.. disaster, but didn't realize they were somewhat known for a consistent inconsistency. I suppose one can only hope that they improve, especially because a tan DC doll is a huge grail of mine :'( !!!
      Anyways, thanks for the info!