DC Madeline clothing size and wig?

Sep 3, 2017

    1. Hi, does anyone know any shop that sells clothes for DC Madeline and just mature tiny in general? I have been having trouble with finding clothes that fit my doll. And I'd appreciate if anyone can point me to the nearest person that take wig commission for special wigs that have earholes. :abow:
    2. I sent you a message (started a conversation), mis.created, to share a few ideas with you. I own a Madeline, but she's off-topic here, so this thread will most likely be closed. I forgot to mention wigs - any soft cap wig in the right size will work. I got mine size 6-7. I prefer the synthetic mohair ones from the Monique Gold Label collection, which are fairly easy to find. You'll have to make the holes yourself - even DC doesn't do it for their full-set cat dolls, which come with wigs. Not hard - just find the bare areas of the wig's elastic net fabric, between the areas where the hair is sewn on, and cut a small hole for each ear. I don't know of anyone making wigs specifically for these cats. You can always try your hand at making one of mohair - lots of tutorials on-line. Or ask someone who makes them and tell them what you're looking for. Again, since they probably don't own these dolls themselves, it would be impossible for them to know the right spot to cut to make the ear holes, so you may still need to do that yourself. Check your messages for more info on clothes. :kitty2
    3. Oops - my bad! Just checked the DC tiny dolls thread and it appears that DOA changed their mind on her. She's on-topic now - sorry for the mistake!
    4. It's no problem! Thank you for giving me tips!