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DD-Anne Discussion part 2

Jul 23, 2011

    1. This is a discussion thread for DD-Anne tinies.

      Feel free to discuss your Miss Corn, TiIny Mero, TinyNear, or Tiny Lii in this thread. Plus any other new DD-Anne dolls that fit the tiny criteria

      Tiny Limited Mero Only Database
      DD-Anne Doll Database

      Want to learn more on these dolls:

      Quick FAQ
      How big are these dolls? - The tinies are 10 cm and Large Near is about 28cm. Hexad is 23.5cm
      Which dolls are available now? - Tiny Near and Tiny Lii girl bodies. You need to wait for ordering period to open
      Which dolls are limited? - Tiny mero was limited and I think Miss corn
      Can I open Tiny Near's Eyes? - The artist at this time only sells sleeping tiny near. He has no inside eyesockets
      Can I buy option hand parts? - Not at this time
      Can I choose hand parts? - Not at this time they are random. It has something to do with the mold setup
      Now much are they? - There may be a change in price soon check the blog
      Can I get boy Tiny Near or Tiny Lii - Not yet but soon

      Body 1 vs Body 2 comparison - Lii and Mero(female body comparison)
      What are the 3 random Hand options - left to right:tiny Mero with flat palm option, tiny Lii with peace/scissor hands, tiny Near with thumbs up

      Measurements of the Dolls:(posted by DD-Anne)
      ..........................................MERO... ........TINY MERO
      head size (around) in inches....about 6.3 .......about 3.5
      eye size in mm.........................16...................8
      And in cm...
      foot length..............................3.5........... ..... 1.3
      chest......................................11..... .............6.5
      waist......................................10.5... .............it seems tinies haven't waists.= =
      hips........................................12.5.. ..............7.5


      DD-Anne discussion part 1:

      DD-Anne discussion part 2:

    2. Well I can help with the Riko spam! I have two Rikos, one the zombie grey limited 'Caterpillar' and the second a NS one.

    3. Plus my Cheshire Cat came in!! She is a Hexad, just not the tiny one. ^-^

      Sorry its kind of pixely... I took it with my phone. I haven't had time to really do a good shoot of her yet.


      Edit:: Has anyone else seen her new update? I am really excited about the 2nd edition of the chapter one dolls. I was really sad when I realized that there were only two White Rabbits and I would really like one since I now have both the Caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat, and now I may be able to get one!! I am also looking forward to her mad tea party chapter four dolls.
    4. Happy belated tree-trimming holiday wishes from Santiago & Bruno. :hollyberry


      You can tell they've been making rather merry with that hookah before they started on the ornaments. Ho ho ho.

      The pics for Alice 2 & White Rabbit 2 kind of crack me up; these two miserably sad-faced dolls staring at each other while in fabulous outfits & amazing makeup. :XD:
      I too have been wondering about the Hatter & the March Hare... will they all be female too?
    5. Yay! :D

      Congratulations! N.n

      On a side note does anyone know where you can find weapons that are in the this scale? I have a photostpry idea that involves Abigale being abducted by spoon-people lol
    6. Wow - I've actually never seen a Lotus Near with his 'human' option arms in! I can't wait to see pictures. I've only ever seen them with the 8 arms on, because, well, I thought that's why one buys a Lotus. ^^ At least, it does enable them to win the Intergalactic Pattycake Semifinals.

      They are terribly addictive, indeed, and I too would love to have one of each color/edition. But I consider myself lucky to have just two. <3 Which one did you get? Some of those outfits are srsly complicated.

      1:6 scale weapons are the easiest to find (way easier than 1:3)! I'd start on eBay. :thumbup There are sellers who do nothing BUT scifi or WWII weapons/accessories for 1:6. It's action-figure scale.
    7. Bumping our sleepy thread for the holiday today! Santiago and Bruno have more adventures. Well, such as they are. When your hair is taller than you are, brushing out the tangles IS an adventure, and requires your sidekick's help...

      (see how much levitation it takes to get the job done:


      @Sims, did your human-armed Lotus ever get the faceup of his dreams?...
    8. Has anyone found any pre-made clothing that fits the 24cm girls? I haven't had much luck with Blythe or Pullip stuff, and YoSD sized clothes are far too big.

      Thanks in advance!
    9. You might try Sadol. (esadol.com) I think they make almost anything in their catalogue in a Yo-SD size, and it looks like they use a non-Volks doll as their fit-model. Shopping note: Sadol's abbreviation for YoSD is "USD", so don't get it confused with US Dollar. ^^

      The only non-default clothes my Lotuses have are a pair of vests from Sadol - not very tailored, but they fit him fine without falling off. I see what you mean about Volks Yo-sized clothes though. Lotus is a boy, but I think his body size/shape is probably about the same as the 24cm girls'.... I've put him next to a Volks YoSD girl, and they were about the same height, but compared to him, she was built like a professional wrestler. :D Those Volks kids are burly! So I guess their clothes would be pretty big.
    10. I've actually never tried any other clothing on either of my girls. >>; I love their default outfits so much, I never felt the need to try. I will have to see if anything else I have fits them, but I don't really have much in the way of YoSD size clothing anyway.

      (Also - Yaaaaaaylove for Lotus-spam. <3 )
    11. Some of the Rement clothes fit my 24cm girls. I'll take a photo.
    12. Whoo! DD-Anne just posted a notice about the Chapter 4 dolls in the news section. I cannot WAIT to see her photoshoot of them with all that mini food she's been making!
    13. Seriously, she's put so much work into this and it's going to be amazing. <3

      I've been looking forward to the C4 dolls for a while now and I'm starting to worry. XD I've long planned on getting three of DD-Anne's zombie-colour dolls and I already have a character ready and waiting for the last of my power trio. March Hare would definitely be the best candidate to fill the roll, but... I really want the others, too. >>; They're all so lovely, decision-making will not be easy.

      Then again, it's probably going to be a financial stretch for me to even bring home the Hare, so I really shouldn't be worrying about how much I want them all. >>;
    14. I'm excited about the Chapter 4 dolls too! I've been looking forward to them ever since she announced what they'd be in the article last year. I have been planning to get the Hare and Hatter from the beginning (as I want all the characters - not any of the Alice's since I have the Pipos Dark Alice for my Alice, but all the other characters) but I am worried now since the actual timing of the release couldn't be worse. They are so adorable though!! If there is anyway possible, I will try and go through with my plan to bring home the Hare and Hatter! >_< I think tomorrow is the official release date right? Do we know yet if they are quantity limited or time-frame limited?
    15. I haven't seen anything yet, but I expect they'll be limited by quantity rather than time, since that's how she usually does it.

      Speaking of which, I was shocked to see that C1V2 White Rabbit is still available for order! I can't believe they didn't vanish right away. It gives me hope that I might be able to manage at least a Hare. Had some bad news today and I don't know if I'll be in a position to order even the one any time soon, but I'll be hoping.
    16. I know, I've been kinda keeping an eye on the White Rabbit since I wasn't able to afford one when she released them at the beginning of the year. I was kind of thinking about trying to order her with the Hare and Hatter when they were finally released if she was still available, but now my finances have deteriorated again so I don't know if I will be able to. If I could, then I would have all the zombie characters released thus far since I have the Caterpillar and Cheshire. Like you, I am hoping to at least get the Hare if worse comes to worse. ^-^
    17. I don't know wether to be happy or sad at the delay of the release... in one respect, it gives me more time to get funds together but then, I was so looking forward to seeing them all done too! Oh well, I suppose a few more days wont kill me! ^-^
    18. Hahah, I have to admit I'm a bit happy about it. >>; I could definitely use s'more time.