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DD v2 body available on volks website

Jun 17, 2005

    1. I hope this isn't a repeat thread.... but the new dollfie dreams body with the inner frame is now available to purchase on volks' website, by itself.

    2. Sadly, you can't get one with a head. You have to order a seperate head and all the ones I like are out of stock :cry:
    3. You mean it doesn't come with the closed-eye head like the DD1?
    4. It says it doesn't come with a head at all :\

      I may have misread it, though.
    5. When I clicked on "to oder" button, the pop-up window said "attatched head: DD base body head (not for sale)." :?
    6. Maybe it means the head it comes with is exclusive to the DD2 body, and you cannot buy it separately. <---*hopes it comes with head*
    7. I checked the japanese site for more verification, the kanji to the left indicates that the head is not for sale, notice there is no head on the body as presented. There is no head. Please do not order this body and expect a head. I am suspecting that since this body includes an inner skeleton, that is why it is more expensive than a body with a head.
    8. If you want a head with the body you had better order the DDH01 Eyeholes Opened Type as soon as possible. Because there are only limited quantities left. Good luck everyone. I hope you all get what you are looking for. :grin:
    9. Aw, are they discontinuing the DD01 head?
    10. I have no idea :oops:

      Though the body being available without a head is good for ME since I only want replacement bodies, and each time I get another body with a head I need another body etc.etc.
    11. I ordered mine a while back and you are right it does not have a head. (I'm using mine for another head) I have to say it is a wonderful body!!! I was concerned after having the resin bodies that I would dislike it because of being light. It is lighter but it has more weight to it than I thought it would. I LOVE the poseability! It is really really fun! Just thought I'd let you know!

    12. ...is it even possible to attatch a resin head to one of the DD2 bodies? I remember reading that there's a post in the neck and all that. The reason I ask is because I've been thinking about getting a DD body for the Kun head that I'll be getting in the semi-near future, and I'd rather have the DD2 body if possible.
    13. its possable i think.. oh god i never considered that it might not. dd1 body fit resin head...does dd2? on no can some one help?
    14. I've heard people say there may be an adapter that will be available..... I have never officially read anything about that though. My husband is going to figure out a way to do it (He's really good with stuff like that) I will try to take pictures if I can of how he does it. I know it won't be easy. The DD1 body works like all the other strung bodies as far as I know (I don't have one, maybe someone else can help here) but the DD2 body has a sort of inner skelleton with just a sort of post stiking out of the neck.... so something will have to be added to make it work. I'll keep you informed!

    15. Well there *are* ways to do it I would think, but I don't think there's any one good answer to that dilemma yet. lol Curses!

      tappindoll, ok your husband officially rules for even attempting to figure it out. Definately keep us posted about that!
    16. Well I just bought one for my F-08, so I'll have to figure it out too! I have my dad to help too, and he'll be able to fix it for sure!
    17. AH!! You've got a DD2 body Amy? Ooooh I wanna seeeeeeeee it, bring it to Jafax if you can. *makes puppy eyes* Pleeeeeease???
    18. I would, but I mean I just ordered it! If Volks makes a miraculous 5-day shipment, you can bet I'll bring it along!
    19. lol Well hey, you never know... :wink: