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DD Version of Lagla from "Lost Angels Story"

Dec 30, 2004

    1. http://www.volks.co.jp/en/la/index_la.aspx

      Whoo hoo! I LOVE her head mold! I can't believe they randomly decided to release Lagla (for those who don't know, Lost Angels is a series of 1/6 dolls released by Volks, similar to what they did with the Tokyo Boys story) in 1/3 scale! I'm not going to get one, but she really is very cool. And I LOVE her outfit! **swoon**
    2. :D I saw her too and thought whoa cool, but she was sold out on the Volks website, maybe they will make more or different ones in that series.
    3. I love the outfit as well as the head mold. Hopefully this is a sign that more DD items will start popping up throughout next year.
    4. She's not sold out - she hasn't been released yet. :oops: She's not going to be available until 10:00 am on January 1, 2005, according to the website.
    5. She is precious, I love her outfit and her facemold. The not so funny thing for me is that she wears the head rooted :( I would like to be able to change her wig without cutting her precious hair.
    6. OMG!!!!! *squeals of delight and angst* :o :o :o I WANT HER!!!!! OMG I WANT HER SO BAD!!!!! NO MONEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!! :crushed :crushed :crushed
    7. I want that outfit!!!
    8. Seriously?! I'm surprised Volks would make such a decision. They'd make a lot more money and probably sell more of that specific doll if they had the option of being able to take her wig on and off.

      Well, maybe you can just make a headcap to pin her hair underneath and still have her wear wigs that way. Her hair wouldn't be so nice and straight after you released it from the headcap, but I think it would be easily fixed with a bit of taming.
    9. She's part of the Lost Angels line which Volks has been selling for a very long time. They are all customized dolls in the 1/6 form...meant to be collector dolls. The ones that will buy her in Japan probably won't have the intention of customizing her, changing wigs, eyes, etc. She's literally the larger version of the 1/6 version.
    10. I know, I've always been fond of the LAS 1/6 dolls, but I'm just surprised they'd root the hair on one of their 1/3 dolls. Espically since Mirai and Candy have wigs, and the other dolls that they've based on anime characters have wigs as well.
    11. I think it's kind of hilarious that they rooted a DD head. I don't know why but the childhood image of the larger barbie dolls just sticks out in my mind!
    12. Is she already sold out? I think she is, actually, since it is past Jan. 1st 10am...
    13. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's sold out now. But she wasn't when I posted that - it wasn't yet Jan 1st in Japan time.
    14. :( Major bummer.

      And since she is Limited, she will probably never be restocked, eh? *sighs*
    15. yume_jp is selling a DD Lagla on Ebay here, but the markup price is pretty high... sigh...