Dealer Registration: Dealer/Rep or Doll Artisan tags

Jan 18, 2011

    1. What is Dealer Registration?

      Dealer Registration is a way for members to identify other members who are officially representing doll companies on Den of Angels. The tag "Rep/Dealer" will appear under the username of a registered dealer. The tag "Doll Artisan" will be given by request to any member registering who is an on topic doll sculptor.

      Registration is mandatory and free for all dealers and company representatives.

      Who is a dealer?

      At this point, we are considering the following members "Dealers":
      1. Members who own or work directly for companies that produce on-topic dolls and related accessories
      2. Members who own companies that have selling agreements to distribute on-topic dolls and related accessories
      At this point, we do not consider members with DoA only commission threads to be dealers and will not register them. We do not consider group order leaders dealers.​

      How do I register?

      You must read over and agree to abide by these additional guidelines before we will complete your registration.

      Please fill out this form to register:

      You may check the status of your registration in Ask the Moderators, where we are happy to answer any questions you may have. (Please not NOT use this thread to ask about your specific situation.)

      The moderators may also register members who we observe presenting themselves as dealers or reps on the forum.​
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