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Dear Feeple- Darn You, Companies, for Making Good Things!

Nov 23, 2008

    1. To everyone reading this - use the thread to vent your displeasure with doll companies!

      Dear Feeple and CP

      I hate you. I hate you so much it's not funny. Do you know that I was not at all interested in a puki until I saw one in real life? Did you? I bet you did. And then you went and released your LittleFee. And that, that is just unforgivable. I was happy with my doll family of three! Happy. But after Kala saw the pukis in the resin (so to speak) he knew he must have one for himself. I cannot deny Kala - he is much too cute for me - and now I must save up for a puki and a LittleFee.

      I am not impressed. Not impressed at all.

      Yours sincerely
    2. Dear Fairyland,

      I can't stand you. Like Karol above me I too had no idea pukipuki existed until I saw one during someone's box opening. My Valerie saw him and said she had to have one. I tried to tell her that they were not pets. She said she knew but must have one... no not one. She wants two of the cute devils. Two. We are talking about two little pitter patter of adorable destruction. Something so cute and sweet that it sure to cause cavities. Cavities people!

      So now when I am trying to bond to my first girl she must have two more. Its hard enough bonding to one! Now I must somehow save up to adopt two little adorable monsters! Ha! Tried to tell her that it would mean that I couldn't get supplies and clothes for her but she didn't care. You can make that stuff mama she said. Make it! Now Fairyland I got to make clothes now too?! Alright I can't refuse her. I got to make clothes. Wee fun. So how dare you make something so cute that it causes cavities.

      Moon Lightning and little Valerie

      (Ps. I'm just playing. Really I love ya.)
    3. Dear Volks,
      Why must your YoSD's be SO CUTE? and SO HARD TO GET?
      Why can't you have them in FCS or Standard?
      You must enjoy torturing us!

    4. Just wanted to let you know I changed the title so other members would know the thread was in good humor. :)
    5. Amen to that!
    6. Gonna do two.. This is fun!

      Dear Fairyland,

      Why did you have to do this? Hmm? LittleFees? Killer posing, in a larger size? Trying to kill my budget and anger my financee with added dolly wanting? You win. I've ordered one. Sneaks. Hehe.

      Love, Me


      Dear Soom,

      Why must you continue to create more and more innovations in large scale dolls? Your monthly limiteds are brain breaking and wallet crying inductions into debt. Why? Why did I have to fall for a Beryl? Why did she have to have hooves? People and your awesomeness. I'm Soomed!

      Love, Me

      Hehe, that was fun. XD
    7. Dear Volks...

      Why did you make your YoSD 4 sister's in such a small number, I know I will never find one :(

    8. Dear all companies,

      Do you all have to have events during December and release all these great new dolls at the same time? Can't you string it out a little? One of you could surely have something like this in like January, March or July? I'm not made of money here! :...(

      And Soom,

      You better give me a break after all these Zodiac dolls! If you go for a whole 'nother round of Zodiac or go into some other impressive cycle I'm going to shun you! Give me a breather!
    9. Dear all doll companies:

      Branching off on idrisfynn's letter of anger, i declare that you must all pick seperate months to have your events, releases, and sales. No more of this everything happening in december crap. Luts? Take december. Fairyland? january. Bambicrony? (Stop releasing elves! I want them aaaall!) You get february. We go around the year with each company, then i suppose some might have to double up. But even doublign up, thats a lot better than EVERYONE releasing EVERYTHING at ONCE. Some of us might not celebrate christmas. And really now, some of us might just love the randomness of a holiday-less march, or october, or september event.

      Unless, of course, you'd be willing to trade me masses of resin for my soul. Or. Um. Parts of my soul. I can't very well give all of my soul to so may companies @_@


      this is fun XD
    10. Dear Luts,

      Why must you start you winter even only days after I order my boy? Its cruel T-T...Spread it out, like Torren has stated. We can't order everything during December, we don't have that much money!

    11. -giggles- I have to join X3~

      Dear Luts and Soom,
      What's wrong with you?! Do you want to kill us all? Is it your goal in life to make a sixteen year old girl want a DOLL over a CAR for her sixteenth birthday?! Well if so.. then you've succeeded .___. Because I've now spent more time working up money for my dolls than for getting a car e____e You've made me want a job instead of spending my free time with friends. I hope you're happy Soom, because every time you release a new monthly doll, I have to go into fits of sadness and begin plotting ways to get money. Do you know what it's like, spending half of your class time trying to figure out expenses and shipping costs? How long it will take you to get your perfect, perfect doll for the character you love? I bet you don't. You two should be ashamed >______>

    12. Dear Luts,

      Could you please NOT release cute, smiling, full-lipped boys? I know that his preview is up but you can still take it down! I mean I've just decided that I want a tiny for that character and not a large boy and you just have to go and ruin my plans. Sheesh.

      And speaking about plans - do you have to be so darned fair all the time? I mean price dropping again? You know I have already had plans for a boy from another company (he's already been delayed once) for Christmas - and now you try to steer me away again? Seriously...I hate you for messing up my plans and for coming out with dolls that I adore even on the over-photoshopped preview pics.


    13. Dear SOOM,

      Don't you dare make a satyress for your Capricorn MD. I'll be devastated forever because I'm broke but I'm a Capricorn and if I miss out on this doll I'll be eternally tormented by huge resale prices!

      ~ Jess

      Dear Volks,

      Why are your Yo-SDs so difficult to come by? Please have Yo FCS in 2009 so I stand a chance of having one of my own in the future!

    14. dear soom,
      why must you make me wait so long for the december zodiac doll!!!!!!!! its nearly the end of november and still no november doll :( are you sooooo cruel as to let me suffer waiting for december which will end up being in jan next year the way its going :(
    15. Dear IpleHouse.

      Why oh why did you have to create a wonderful sculpt like Cocori? It is not fair! I was so convinced I would be just fine with MSDs - and the random tiny in between - but you ruined it all! Now you have me wanting a Cocori and I don't have ROOM for large dolls. And I bet when I finally get the money together and get a Cocori she'll be wanting friends her own size. And how will I be able to resist? It's all your fault for making that sculpt!

      Yours sincerely

      Dear SoulDoll

      I am very angry with you. I did forgive you that you made me want SoulKid Apple, I was even going to forgive you for making me want Yewon but then you go and release another one I want! (Katie A) So now you are going to force me to buy three of your SoulKids! I bet you are trying to get all my money. It's evil, evil I tell you! Katie A is just too much. I'll never forgive you for that!

      Yours sincerely
    16. Hehe, I found it hard to not bring up things that actually has bugged me... XD

      Dear Volks,

      I'm obsessed with your cute girl dolls... I feel stupid for wanting to bring home at least 3 more Volks SD10 girls but their innocent faces have etched themselves in my mind...
      I pray that sooner or later you will release the 4 sister Yo's as standards! Think about, it makes total sense!

      Dear DIM,
      Stop having such lovely faces on your dolls! Flowne and Fantasia won't leave me alone and Jullis wants to join them as well. I'm telling you... I will have to get more shelves in the future!

      Dear Dollmore,
      Why must you be so posable! After getting my first MSd girl from you I find myself wanting another one... Momo! I'm coming for you. T_T

      Dear Soom,
      Saiph be the bomb.. Damn you for making such a bomb! And of course, I want to make her into a boy. Which will be a looong project of having that money, find someone to split with, and then split again for a male body.

      Dear Gentarou Araki,
      Why does Lusis always flirt with me? I'm not even sure if she would fit in my doll family but gawd knows I'm curious about your dolls. Your sadly very expensive and hard to get and having to risk major customs, for divine dolls...


    17. Agreed :...(
    18. Dear Luts/CP/Fairyland,
      WHY can't you make a boy shorter than 60cm that is NOT an MSD.... I need people to have little brothers that aren't CHILDREN. I just want a 57cm cp chiwoo that's not a girl mod boy body.
    19. Dear Fairyland,
      I hate you and your Rococo Squee Littlefee. And for the wee tiny mermaid that is staring at me right now. Adorable should not be concentrated in such tiny amounts, it's dangerous to my health and wallet.

      Dear Volks,
      I hate you for making Kurumi when I can't afford it, and when I know you'll make something just as cute at your next event. Which is probably in like, what, a week maybe? Please stop having so many Dolpas, we are all broke now.
    20. Dear Volks,
      Hurry up and add SD17 bodies to FCS!!! F-38 looks stupid and bobble headed on a SD13 body. You keep photographing it on an SD17 body and they are so hard to get. You even promised updates to FCS a long time ago and you still keep us waiting. Do find this amusing? :...(

      Dear Fairyland,
      Hurry the hell up with my puki dammit!!!!

      hmmm..... I feel a bit better now :lol: