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Dear Mine 2011 - 1st Winter Event

Nov 13, 2011

    1. It looks like Dear Mine is also running an upcoming Winter Event. :)
      From their Notice board:
      <Information of the Winter event>

      The season, longing for the warmth, is coming.
      In the chilly winter, Dearmine prepared shoes for the lovely dolls.

      * Period : Nov. 15th, 2011 ~ Dec. 31th, 2011 (About a month and a half)
      * Only for : The customers who order 20cm DPline dolls during the event
      * Contents : We present ankle boots parts for the customers who buy boys, and present lace-up boots parts for the girls.

      1. Basic color(white) boots will be delivered. It'll not be painted.

      2. If you want your doll shipped with the boots worn, please leave a message on your order sheet.

      3. In the case of shipping with the boots parts worn, you have to seperate the ankle parts to put the cloths on. For the convenience of assembling and seperating the basic shoes parts, there's an S chain. Please check the details and assembling photos on the 'parts' category.

      4. You can color your shoes by pastel, acrylic paint, enamel suit to your taste.
      In the case of coloring by dark paint or using oil paint like nail polish, the parts can be dyed.
      If it's too difficult to color it, you can use topcoat or gloss spray to make your boots looks cool and shine.

      5. You can purchase boots parts only too.

      Mme. duBunny