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Update Dear Mine Lace-up Boots, Rider Boots, and Lady Hand Parts

Nov 11, 2011

    1. All the items mentioned are for sale on their site right now. They are finally offering hand and feet options.

      The Lace-up Boots and Rider Boots are $28 each, it's an additional $10 to get them painted.

      The Lady Hand Parts are $10.

      Link to sales pages:
      Lace-up Boots
      Rider Boots
      Lady Hand Parts

      Discussion thread
    2. Is there a rep here on DoA for them? Their new boots don't have the option to buy them blank, was wondering if that will be added later.
    3. There is not a rep on DoA that I know of. However, since the page seems to be forcing you to choose an option of a color instead of letting you buy them blank I would inquire on their board here:

      Or email them at dearminedoll@naver.com.

      They should be able to be bought blank, it's probably just a mistake. :)
    4. Just wanted to add that additional pics of the different colored boots are now up at the website.