DearMine Dear Pet, Classic 20cm & Beans 12cm Anthros Discussion Part 3

Jun 11, 2016

    1. My Antique Punk Cocoa Bean finally arrived today! Dearmine makes the most adorable dolls, I think!

      Here he is with my 70cm Granado Neptune, just to show size difference!

      I made a Box Opening thread (had to check to see if he was on-topic! it's so hard to tell these days)--


      @AutumnWyvern -- which guides did you need? You can also try asking on their Q&A. I've had other companies send me copies by email...

      This is a discussion thread for Dear Mine's Dear Pet line of 20cm anthro dolls.

      Company Website: ::: Dear Mine Doll :::
      Dear Pet Category: DOLL DEAR PET - ::: Dear Mine Doll :::

      DoA Wiki: DearMine
      DoA database:
      Photo Thread:

      Previous discussion threads:
      * Part 1
      * Part 2
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    2. @april the beans body and the new dear pet body. i thought i had one in one of the boxes but I can't seem to find it ho-hum.
    3. Ok... Looked at Pet and the instructions cut off on my screen, too. I think you'll have to contact DearMine about it... :(
    4. @april, he's so the color and his steampunk theme! There's just something so special and irrestible about the Dearmine Beans.:)
    5. The beans seems so tiny... but they also seem big enough, with their big heads and chunky legs! He doesn't disappear even when posing with my big doll...

      and the steampunk outfit really was a selling point for me. Plus the skin tone. I really like Dearmine's cocoa color! And that faceup!
    6. I have to admit, from the official pictures I thought I wouldn't like the gear make up more thank the punk make-up... But it's really grown on me! I'm just a sucker for anything with a snaggletooth.
    7. Yeah, the Gear makeup seems much cuter in the owner-shots!
    8. Aw, Steampunk Bean is so cute!! :D
    9. :kitty2
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    10. [​IMG]
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    11. awww! peek-a-boo!
    12. I thought I managed to get away from the Beans line, but the Ensemble Davinci has dragged me right the heck back into them.
    13. Thanks for starting a new thread, April! Love your new Antique Cocoa Bean! The Beans are so addictive and adorable!
    14. Speaking of beans being addictive... Oh, that lovely blue color returns... And the new Koon release is absolutely dashing!
      But I told myself no more dolly orders until I find out my dorm mailing address >3>
    15. Mods totally did that! First time it's happened to one of my posts. I never knew how it worked. I sort of wish the mods would just re-start under no one's name, but maybe this way I'll still get the alerts??? dunno... But interesting!
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    16. Yay, new thread! The sky skin Picasso beans sure are cute! Dearmine has done pretty awesome this round.
    17. Just a heads up the DolkUS is selling the Rain Coat Picasso Bean! I e-mailed them about a week ago asking if they'd (pleaseplease) release it for their US side and they must have had a few others ask too since they replied that they were working with the dealer to try and see if they could. I already snatched mine up. The Classic ver was my dream DearMine but now that the bean is released...

      Anyway there's only one left on the website!
    18. I'm waiting final order confirmation for Raincoat Picasso Bean. Just too cute to resist! I have wanted a bean long time, but some way not the right one has showed up, until now. Does someone know is there also regular cat feet or just the boot parts?
    19. They are so adorable, I wish I will have Loc one day. Dear mine told me that they have not plan to re release him, but I hope maybe they will do another boy sheep?
    20. @Proony well there is also Nocturne, but he's larger (dear lover) and also limited. One of my grails though... So handsome!
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