DearMine DearLover Mini 40cm Discussion Part 3

Jul 8, 2016

    1. New thread eh? Time for a new photo...

      [​IMG]IMG_8825 by Liz, on Flickr
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    2. I had saved up to buy a Dear Mine doll and now finally, with the blessing of my lovely boyfriend, i have placed an order for Dear Lover Angela with different make-up :D * so excited (MAKE UP :: DL * Eared :: DL ME-02 - ::: Dear Mine Doll :::)
      It took me so long to decide not to go for the standard make up but im so in love with the other make-up. Fingers crossed that it will look good ^^
      I can't wait for her to arrive and post pictures O.O
    3. Ohh it's so cute! Please show some pictures when she arrives
    4. I will :D im so excited xD i already bought her an outfit thats stuck at customs atm dangit xD
      Itll be here waiting for her by the time she gets here ^.^
    5. Oh! I love that about waiting time (I guess it's the only thing I like at all) getting everything ready for their arrival, like making some clothes and preparing a good setup :love
    6. Haha well i guess you're right XD (although i've been waiting since may 2016 for my dollzone Ina and to be honest i'm so done waiting >.>.. hopefully Angela doesnt take that long :p)
      You can make your own clothes? O.O i really ought to try....
    7. You should! There's many free patterns in internet, and some even have instructions so it's really easy to do!
    8. [​IMG]

      I need to get some better photos of these two, but here is my Priscilla and Angela.
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    9. Gaaaaaah :doh My biggest regret now is not paying more atention to Dear Mine. If I'd known I would have ordered a Saera cool ver...

      I have never ordered from Dear Mine before. Any chance they'll release the sculpt again in the future?
    10. This is the second release of Saera, so cross your fingers. Probably not anytime soon, though. I'm still hoping for another Heather. I really love her sulky look and big ears.
    11. Oh man, this thread's be really quiet! I've been so busy with my big guys I'd almost forgotten about the little ones! I'm loving the new versions of Oskar and Nocturne!
    12. Here's Nelli (Priscilla) watching over Serenitá (Picasso bean). I think she's never ever gonna be a kittysitter.
      by Saija Tikkanen, on Flickr
    13. Hehehe! That's cute! :)
    14. since i have one i'm waiting on to finish production, does anyone have any pictures of priscilla blank? :3
    15. [​IMG]

      Dont mind me, just posting more priscilla.

      I just cant get enough of my girls, they are too adorable.
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    16. ohhh she's so cute!!! her faceup has so much personality, i'm in love!! :kitty1
    17. Thank you. <3
      I did the faceup myself, so that means a lot to me.

      I always loved Dearmine's slight open mouth on priscilla. I wish I had images of her blank. Her sculpt blank is cute all in itself. Priscilla has so much potential.
    18. What a cute smile! :D
    19. you did a really nice job painting her omg! you style really compliments the sculpt very well!!
      i wish my faceup skills were that sleek and refined omg.... unfortunately my style leans more towards "dirty space baby" which works for some things... but not for the look i want any of my dearmines. :P
      are those applied bottom lashes she has on btw??! they look great! :D

      I'll be sure to post some blank pictures of mine when she comes in, so anyone in the future who's wondering what she looks like blank can see. :thumbup