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[Dearmine] Hanabi Siamy and Korat, Summer Event and new stuff

Jun 1, 2011

    1. [​IMG]
      Hanabi Siamy

      Hanabi Korat

      <New product lunching date>
      June 1st : Hanabi(fireworks) Siamy & Hanabi Korat
      June 10th : Misty Dorothy & Misty Debon

      <Event notice>
      1. Let's play with fox!
      1-1 In June, for one month we present the fox mask to every consumer purchase Dearmine dolls
      1-2 In June, for one month are selling the fox mask, which you can get it only from the summer festival package.

      * Selling period : June 1st ~ 30th(1 month)
      * Compatibility : Under USD(About 6 inches head round)
      * Size : lenth:hight = 5.2cm:5.5cm(including ears)
      * Includings : fox mask, 1 pair of magnets, 1 string

      Check the details at the 'Acc'.

      2. I love you! Dear Holic
      This is thank you event for the customers saying "I love Dearmine dolls so much!".
      We send one clothes set to the customers who orders a products in June if the customer had made a purchase before.

      * Period : June 1st ~ 30th(1 month)
      * Only for : The customers who have had purchased Dearmine dolls before May 31th
      (Including customers who purchased Dearmine dolls at the Infinity dolls web site)
      * Details : In the case of additional order in June, we present 1 set of cloth match to the gender of ordered doll.
      If you purchase more than 2 dolls, we send the cloths by the number of the dolls. 1 present cloth set by one doll.
      We send present cloth either available displayed cloth, ready for selling cloth, select which you didn't get it before.
      The present cloth will be sent randomly, so it is not possible to choose the cloth. And available displayed cloth's details can be different from full-package products.
      * If you give us memo in orders about the types of your previous purchased doll, it will be very helpful for reducing the possibility of dilivery mistakes.&#9825;

      3. New legs are coming soon.
      Original "line legs" appealed attractive cat's body line, so the ankle joint was fixed.
      Soon, "Mobility legs" will be released. This new legs have divided ankle joint which is good for movability and safety.
      You can order it at the 'Parts' category.
      Misty Dorothy & Debon are wearing the new legs. Check the photos please.

      * Period : From June 10th
      It will be equipped at the 4 new package products first, released in June. After June 30th, it will be possible to choose the leg of existing products as an additional option.
      * Includings : 1 pair of calves, 1 pair of feet, 1 pair of soles.
      * In the case of purchasing only the leg parts, the skin color can be different from the prior dolls. We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

      4. Discount event
      We need to save some money for cool Summer vacation! :)
      10% discount event is here for you.

      * Period : June 1st ~ 15th (15 days)
      * Details : 10% discount for the 4 new products released in June

      We will come back with the more with better event soon.
      Have a nice summer~

      Notice Link