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December 2008 Limited Zuzu Delfs

Nov 25, 2008

    1. News thread here.

      Just when I finally convinced myself that I did not need another doll this coming year, Luts brings out a whole new batch of Zuzus... and a slew of them are LIONS!:D

      I am loving the conceptial artwork, and I am enthralled by the non typical ear and tail setup on the LIOs... to top it all off, they come out on my birthday.

      Anyone else doomed by the new Zuzus?

      At this time LUTS only plans on making the new LIOs in limited editions, but they are open the to idea of making a Basic Version if enough people show interest.

      I have started a Petition, so if anyone would like to see a Basic Version of the little lions, please take a moment to add your signature. :kitty2

    2. Yes. D: <3 The question is: do I want the Duke or the Pirate? xD

      They come out December 8? Would they be rereleasing them later, do you think? I need to buy Christmas presents. @__@
    3. YES. I am doomed by the Duke. I really want him, but I'm not sure yet since we don't have pics yet. But the concept art totally has me sold already. Plus the incentive of getting that pretty event head....TAT; this does not bode well for me.
    4. I want the duke, pirate, and marine.... Depending on how they turn out. I think I want the marine boy, but in the duke outfit.
    5. Nifty... comes out on my birthday xD;;;

      ...I'd have to wait to see something other than the artwork, but so far the Lios look awesome x3
    6. Thus far, I like Duke the best. Hope to see the product pictures soon
    7. They are too pretty :aheartbea
    8. -Gasp- The Duke and The Eastern Chef are so adorable! I never thought I'd want a mini anything....
    9. No, they come out on the 1st at noon Korea time. I changed my title a bit to cause less confusion. :sweat


      I really hope they release more this time around than they did for the first releases. After all, the limiteds are now the only way to get Zuzus and I hate to see so many people (myself included) miss out on these guys.
    10. Hooooooolly crap. This is probably my first time ever posting in an anthro doll thread because normally I don't like them enough to look twice but OMG THE PIRATE AND DUKE .....@___@;.... are so effing cute. And the holiday doctor outfit really makes me lol.

      But, yeah, wow, Lio! I think I love him because his eyeshape is more human and less cat-like... but the rest of him still retains all the feline cuteness :D.

      I'm trying not to be doomed but I don't think it's working ;__;...
    11. OH MY&#8230;&#8230;
      Jesus,mine,mine&#8230;&#8230;i cant breathe&#8230;&#8230;911 pls&#8230;&#8230;
    12. Oh, I love the Duke! The white and grey faceup is perfection! I'll bet he sells out IMMEDIATELY, then the pirate right after him. I was completely uninterested in everything Luts was doing this season until now, blast them! I have three kitties already, I do not need more...do not need more...do not need more...
    13. i was so pumped for these guys when i saw the conceptual art but they are kinda a let-down for me. They aren't quite what I was hoping for. Their faces are too sad looking! And they don't even have a tiny bit of body blushing. T^T
    14. So is the new release Persi Doctor in the same cream resin as the old edition? He looks white from the pictures?
    15. Wow, a tiny little lion, they're adorable! Too bad they're limited, I'd love to see what everyone would customise them too... though I suppose they'll get customized anyway.
    16. Wow. I thought for sure it would be the Pirate that made me fall in love, but instead it's the Duke. :love I really need to try and talk myself out of buying him though... :sweat
    17. Eeeeeee The Pirate Has A Little Hook Joint :fangirl:

      So you can alternate between a hand and a hook! How adorably Piratey!
      You can see it on the Duke in the pictures as well!
    18. I changed my mind about which I liked the best after seeing the actual products. I'm not as keen on most of them, actually, but like just about everyone else, I like the Duke. :)
    19. The Persi doctor cracks me up so bad...i wish I could go on vacation!
    20. Oh for cryin' out loud. ><

      Could they BE any more adorable?? I'm smitten with the Iron Chef there... holdling his shrimp ... but they are all so cute!!


      Time to start playing Lotto....