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December 2nd, Jaime's Winter special visits you

Nov 26, 2009

    1. December 2nd, Jaime's Winter special visits you!

      Thank you for your abiding love and support for Jaime dolls.

      In this joyful winter, for your happy Christmas, our little friends will come out to meet you.

      All of Jaime doll lovers, please come and be with us!

      Here is more, we are planning special events and presents for the customers.

      Further information will be updated soon.

      Please keep checking our web site until then.





    2. Jaime's Christmas event

      Our special Christmas presents!

      *One, The free gift head!

      -For buying one Winter special doll, you will have another Adonis head as a present.

      -However the sleeping heads and Mint, Berry, Bling's head are out of option.

      -You may choose its skin color between normal and milky white.

      -Free eyes for Free gift head!

      -Face up of the gift head will cost extra money.

      (You may select 'event head make up' option for the face up of your gift head.)

      *Two, Discounted body for the gift head!

      -You may choose one between small 15cm body and 18cm body. (15cm: $100 / 18cm: $110)

      -You may choose its skin color between normal and milky white.

    3. * contents (Included)
      -Make-up : Special makeup Included

      - Eyes : 12mm Acrylic eyes

      -Skin : milky white skin / normal skin(skin in the pics is normal)

      -Body Type : 15cm small body/ 18cm body
      (Body Type in the pics is 15cm small body)

      -Outfits :special Outfits
      ( hood fur cloak, T-shirt, leggings, ear mufflers )

      -Shoes : special shoes

      -Wig : special wig

      -extra hand parts & Wings Parts


    4. Sadly, the pictures of the Winter specials aren't showing up for me. Does anyone have the same problem?
    5. I am having the same problem I thought it was just my browser but it's not.
    6. Hello, this is Jaime.

      We don't know why you can't see the picture. Would you please visit the site Jaime?

      We have shown the information about beautiful picture, product lineup, and events.

      We hope to have your constant support.

    7. nope I cant see them either
    8. i think its the problem of their site coz all their photos of the winter set are broken linked.
    9. The pics on the Korean site are showing up for me (Winter specials), but not the pics on the English site. So, hint to all who want to have a look at these cuties: visit the Korean site!
    10. Click the boxes on the English "front page" and you will go to the individual doll pages and the pictures are visible there.

      Jaime is aware of the problem and will resolve on its own. There is no need to add more posts saying you cannot see the pictures. Thanks.
    11. Hello, this is Jaime.

      We've updated all images again.

      and we've solved all problems which didn't appear the images because of unstable server.

      We apologized for your inconvience.

      We hope to have your interests for Jaime's Winter Special.


    12. The comparison images of 18cm and 15cm Adonis bodies.

    13. Closing date of Winter special dolls

      At 7:00 pm. on december 17, we close the sales of Winter special dolls.

      Since the Winter special dolls are not going to be released again after this, please hurry up if you have a plan to place an order.

      Thank you for showing interest in our special dolls, we hope as many doll lovers as possible will get a chance to meet with our new dolls.

      Thank you.

      Yours, Jaime.