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Decisions Decisions what doll to get?

Oct 26, 2009

    1. i have been searching for a new msd and i have finnaly collected enought money to get one:), but what should i get? i want one that looks somewhat like the doll i have now, so it doesn't stick out, but i can't seem to find one, and i really don't know where to look.:sweat my doll is an AiNai jr. yeondu basic from custom house, but i don't want to get one from custom because of the price, you see i got Sophie, my ainai, off of eBay for a really good price because she was second hand. soo for short i want an afordable doll of about $230, and i want it to have about the same mold... where should i look?[​IMG]
    2. the girl on the right
    3. I'd try Asleep Eidolon. :) you can get them at mintoncardinc.com
    4. Isn't custom house having a buy one get one free sale? That means if you can find a split partner all their dolls are half price. Just post 5 more times and wait a few hours and you'll have marketplace access - you can look for a Custom House split to join, or look in the mini marketplace and find TONS of dolls secondhand, many of whom are at great prices.
    5. You got some great suggestions. Wait until you have marketplace access.