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Decorating your dolls’ area for the holidays?

Dec 19, 2018

    1. My Mystic Kids Tremmel came wrapped in a blanket today, so I laid it out on the shelf he’s occupying to keep him from being damaged by the hard surface... but then I realized it looks like cute fake snow. Do you decorate your dolls’ space for the holidays? And if so, do you have any tips?
    2. Hmmm. When my dolls were all on one shelf in the closet, I used clamps on the wire shelf above them to hold festive fabric up behind them as a backdrop. Lemme see if I can dig up a picture...

      Oh gosh it's so old. I've since moved and now they all have little cubes so its harder to do this for them.

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    3. Aw, that’s a really cute idea! I might borrow that for my boy. His shelf is under my desk, so it wouldn’t be toooo hard to try something like that. ;)
    4. There's a new kitten in the house, so holiday decor has taken a backseat due to the Cat Chaos Factor. However, I usually put a couple of bottle-brush trees (mix-matched), some of which are strung with tiny twinkle lights, in the general vicinity of the dolls. It's pleasant to look at (in part due to the small scale), and is pretty self-contained in the event of Cat Chaos.
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    5. I love the holidays so decorating is my jam. For my dolls, I use small items like bells, Christmas-y fabric (for carpet/rugs), and hang snowflake charms above the doll scene. It all depends on how you want the scene to look like and how much space you have. Hope this helped :)
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    6. This thread just reminded me that I have a Santa hat for my dolls. It's about time to bust that out, I think! And a reason for more pictures!

      Otherwise, Halloween is my favorite holiday and the one that bleeds over to the dolls almost every year. Usually they end up with little pumpkins and other random small decor. It's fun!
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    7. I mean to. . .
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    8. Charlie has miniature Christmas lights strung around his room, but he keeps them year round so I’m not sure if it counts. :XD:
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    9. I want to one day have a room box for my minis, to decorate and situate them in their environment. But I did dress my dolls in Christmas attire for the holidays. My two SDs are seated on a couch so I put little holiday-themed pillows and blankets on it.
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    10. I'm not a holiday person but I wish I could decorate anyway. I like the idea of doing more with my dolls but space is the issue for me. I hope everyone else gets to do it.
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    11. I understand that feeling. Have you considered making a collapsible diorama that you could just store away? The YouTube channel My Froggy Stuff has a lot of good tutorials your might want to check out if you interested. She even has wallpaper and floor textures you could print from her blog to get you started.
    12. In the past I've set up my miniature tree with its tiny ornaments and some in-scale prezzie boxes on a side table with a few of the crew, but I didn't have time to do that this year. I also set up Crane, his in-scale kitchen tools and a few of the minifee kids having a cookie-making party one year. That was good fun and a chance to play with all of my accumulated miniature food pieces.
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    13. Most of the Christmas decorations in my bedroom are centred around my dolls. Most of them have Christmas outfits on (looks like I will be dressing my YoSds up on Christmas eve XP) and I have a mini tree up.

      [​IMG]Merry Christmas 2018 by Rubydoll Chaos, on Flickr

      Hopefully I'll be able to neaten everything up before the big day!
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    14. I have thought about that but I don't have a place for it. The diorama would end up always in its collapse state under my bed... T_T
      If my room was bigger, it would be a done deal.
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    15. I usually take pictures of them around the tree or in the tree. This year because of personal reason, I lost all inspiration and drive other than just making sure my kids were happy this year. But the last couple years I did.
    16. I don’t have my first doll yet but plan to adapt the shelf idea for her when she comes. I love all the ideas you can get on this site from dolls to their clothes to their rooms and so on! Thanks for all the advice and ideas guys!
    17. FroggyStuff is amazing! I made it he space room for a Barbie once and it was so easy to do! Definitely check it out!!
    18. Yes my boys always decorate their house for Holidays. They also like to burn tea lights at night.
    19. I kind of do. My dolls are all in glass cases so they don't "officially" have a room of their own. What I do for the holidays is to use the backdrops I have for my 18 inch dolls and set them up on a counter. I then add in doll furniture and then I add in the dolls. I take photos and then I put everything away. I would love for my dolls to have permanent doll rooms but I don't have the space.
    20. I got my girls mini Easter bunnies I found at the grocery store. Only 2 girls with me atm. 2 are on their way to faceup artists and one has not arrived yet.