Dedicated doll space

Nov 24, 2019

    1. We recently turned the spare bedroom in my house into a craft room. There is a small closet (36" wide × 24" deep) in there that I decided to turn into a dedicated doll space. I'll have one of the shelves tall enough that my dolls can stand on it, and the other shelves will be for storage of their parts and accessories, and crafting supplies that I use specifically for the dolls.

      So, does anyone else have a dedicated doll space? Tell me all about it!
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    2. My husband built me a huge shelf in our bed room because he’s sweet...and because he was tired of my dolls and their things always on every available surface on my side of the room. I love it :’D
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    3. My husband got me a tool cabinet with adjustable shelving. And I have a small craft table right next to it. It's nothing big, basically a bookshelf with doors. But all my dolls fit inside along with their clothes and most of their furniture and crafting supplies. What doesn't fit is either on top of it, on/under my table or on a shelf in my laundry space. Small, but I love it. :) Maybe some day i'll get my dream office for my dolls, but until then I'm good.
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    4. I do now, my room before the move was certainly too small for the future of my doll collection and any of my craft supplies. Now I have a very big room that is a divided space giving me two separate rooms. One Is being used as a crafting room along with storage while both will eventually be used for displaying bjds and other art related things.
      That said, I'm extremely thankful to have these rooms so I can't wait to really work on their layout and shelving. Though the crafting room needs a lot of work. [As I still have to store most of my crafting supplies in huge containers.] :sweat
    5. It's a bit of a yes and a no. We only have a small house, so it was about finding a place to put them which is out of direct sunlight but they can still be admired. Therefore, the top of the bookcase has become an unofficial 'doll space' but they share it with books and ornaments too! I hope one day they can have a space that's just their own space. ^^
    6. {laugh!} Over here that would be considered a large closet. In our smallest bedroom, a closet that size wouldn't leave space for a bed.

      I've taken over several spaces around the house, rather than having one dedicated space. I have a long run of shelving in the spare bedroom hold one shelf of dolls and another holds some of the many boxes full of dolls clothes, shoes and accessories (the rest are wherever they'll fit on other shelves around the room), and the majority of the rest of the dolls have taken over an alcove to one side of the livingroom chimney,

      The cabinet in front of the chimney,

      and most of the alcove on the other side of the chimney.

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    7. We also have a spare bedroom that became the doll room. It had floor to ceiling shelving from one end to the other full of 1/3 doll bedroom dioramas, but we were planning to move so they were all torn out. Then life happened and we’ll be staying for awhile longer so now that room is a guest bedroom but I have a doll couch for the boys and bed for the girls. The chest of drawers holds all of the clothes/accessories in individual shoe box size storage bins with each doll’s name on theirs. Doll boxes, furniture and other large items go in the closet.
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    8. I split my collection up between 2/5 in the bedroom and 3/5 in the livingroom. In the livingroom they stand atop 2 shelving units and in the bedroom they stand on a kinda wooden bench/connector between two roof beams.

      Finished clothes/wigs/stuff goes into the shelves in the livingroom, and supplies are in the craftroom.
    9. My dolls get the top shelf of my curio cabinet and half a shelf in my closet. Though my pukipuki goes where ever, lol. I have a small collection(in size and number) so it's easier for me to carve out small spaces for them
    10. [​IMG]

      I now have a China cabinet with glass doors for my girls and boys.
      It has 3 selves for everyone.
      I also store my msds clothes in plastic shoe boxes in the bottom section that is closed in. My sds clothes are in shoe boxes in a small bookcase in my spare bedroom.
      I find that I spend more time with them now that they are more visible.
    11. Having a dedicated doll space has always been a dream of mine!

      When my fiancé and I were searching for a our new home, it was important for us to have spare bedrooms so we both could have office space for our hobbies. He collects Funko Pop figures, builds Gundams and also needed room for his Twitch stream setup. I do doll related YouTube videos and ultimately turned my space into a full fledged baby nursery. I started collecting reborn dolls years ago and doing YouTube videos surrounded around that, so the staged baby nursery didn't go to waste. I have since started collecting other dolls and plan to install floating shelves to display them :)
    12. Moved my horde into a small livingroom a few years back as the room they were kept in became too small.


      I'm feeling lucky that I can dedicate an entire room just to my hobby alone.
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    13. My main doll space is my night stand sadly. I usually keep them sitting on the edge. I want to get stands for all three so I have more room, but Im' not sure if I trust the stand I have for my original girl. I'm working on getting better ones though. I also usually have one of them in my craft room in some horrid position getting measured or wrapped up for some project. So I guess I have two space. I wish I could have more room.Like a dedicated bookshelf or something. But my favorite size is SD so that's gonna be hard...
    14. I wish I had more space for dedicated doll spaces. I'd love to build out rooms for them if I could.

      My current space consists of a TV table i use to store my doll accessories, faceup materials, etc, and I have 2 dolls sitting on a ledge next to my bed and my 2 other dolls sitting in a cupboard above my bed. :lol:
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    15. Right now they’re in enclosed shelves because I have cats. I probably won’t ever have them on display since UV cut glass tends to be so expensive.
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    16. I have a doll room, but I also use it as an office and crafting/sewing space. One-quarter of my collection sits on top of the hutch on my computer desk. A couple of the tinies hang out with various other dolls (Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, etc) on the big doll shelf. That shelf fell about 7 months ago, so I'm reluctant to put any of the big guys on it again! About half of my bjds hang out on an unused desk that I use as a display space. Then there are a few who stand on the floor next to that desk and a few more on a small folding table (the YoSD sized bjd's are there with their little tea party set up). Finally, I have three hanging out on my the top of my crafting storage shelves.

      It's nice having them all out and visible in the room I spend the most time in.
    17. I don't really have a dedicated doll space unfortunately. My boyfriend has 2 SD-sized off-topic vinyl dolls that, together with my 2 dolls of the same brand, live on top of a closet in the living room. All my resin darlings usually rest in their boxes in my clothing closet upstairs due to lack of space in the living room and a young child that adores dolls but might be too rough with them when he's getting tired. However lately I've taken to getting a few resin ones out and letting them live with the SD on the closet and switching them out now and then. Everyone gets their turn in the hopes of appeasing the unpredictable mischievous dolly spirits. ^__~

      If and when we find our own place we're going to try and create a dedicated space but in our rental currently there's just not an option to do it. Our own place will probably also just have a display cabinet in the living room of sorts because dedicating a whole room to them just isn't in the cards due to finances.
    18. My 'doll space' is a corner of the living room where no one sits. Its kinda weird. We have two couches in the living room, a red leather wraparound that seats like ten and a six foot long straight couch with a queen sleeper in side. The straight couch sit right next to the lounging end of the wraparound and behind that couch is our loveseat and ottoman. No one sits on those because it in the corner behind everything.
      So its now the doll space. My three full dolls sit on the ottoman and my American girl is my own childhood rocking chair just in front of them. I'll have to post a pic later today just so you can get idea of my crazy living room situation.
      I would like to have a set of shelves or a credenza or a cabinet to display them on but I'm not able to do that yet. Have to figure out the furniture situation first.

      :Edit: here's the promised Pic of my messed up living room.
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    19. I have an IKEA Pax wardrobe with three shelves in my living room. It was originally used for American Girl dioramas, but now that I've switched my collecting focus to BJDs they're going to take it over. The middle shelf is a bedroom diorama right now, and I haven't quite decided what to do with the other two yet: one is going to be a filming room (I have a beauty YouTuber character and want to make her a space to film in) and I'm not sure about the third.
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    20. I really want a space for my dolls! Right now they need to stay in their boxes (or carefully wrapped in a throw blanket if they don't have one) because I don't have any shelves or space to put them. We've got a cluttered house so it's hard to find a safe place to put them in out of sunlight and out of my animals reaches.