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Apr 10, 2016

    1. I am making this thread for proud owners of @Sicktress ' Deesse Project head, to discuss anything pertaining to this gorgeous head or finding bodies/eyes/wigs for her. I have started a photo reference thread for possible bodies here:

      Please feel free to start chatting! I am finding the Miro Doll 70cm girl body works very well, as does the now-rare Angelsdoll Massive female body. Anyone else have pics of their heads and hybrids they'd like to share? I realize the heads have JUST shipped, but I couldn't help to start planning a body!
    2. For those looking at a Deesse head, the neck hole is very small- I have not yet found an S-Hook sleek enough to go through the opening in traditional style. As Sicktress advised me, so shall I advise you- you'll need to loop some ribbon under the s-hook and through the string loops at the neck. Then remove the hook and pull the elastic up through the neck via ribbon, finally adding the hook back already inside the head so it doesn't drop back into the body. Hope that makes sense!

      Or use a really small hook. *LOL* Duh! Thanks, Sicktress! I hadn't even thought of that...
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    3. Which body is that?
    4. Oh that would have been helpful! It's an Impldoll new Starwoman body, about 64cm tall. Impl does custom colors matching and they're quite good at it. :)
    5. And they have very nice customer service and a great lay away! ;)
      Thanks! I have the body Sicktress put together and spray painted, but would love to eventually get a matching resin color. The paint is chipping here and there.
    6. With the dyeing or painting, that's always a danger. :( sucks! But I hear ya! Right now I have mine on an Angelsdoll massive which is great but blinding white, so she's covered every inch but her head. *L* I'd like to show her off a bit more with a matching resin body too. Still have your coconut?
    7. Yup! Love that thing! It's so cute on its own.
    8. I know! Sicktress included it for color matching purposes but I don't wanna lose it! I suppose they could send it back with whatever was cast to match... they'd better! That thing is cute!
    9. That's what iIwas thinking too, I don't want to lose it any more than I would a headcap! XD
    10. *LOL* Riiiight? Sicktress, you shouldn't have made the coconut so adorable!

      Paint strips work for matches too though and cheaper to send, for sure!
    11. And Deesse 2.0 is released for pre-order!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I need one to be Cyan now that Gryffen is complete. Which color would match Impldoll's dark tan closest and which would match iDye Poly easiest? I think 1 matches their brown with intensifier. That's the one you usually use to match with the heads, right, @Sicktress?

      ReRelease - Déesse Project version 2!
    12. Impl's dark tan might be hard to fully match with iDye Poly, without streaks. I've used the brown for Ebony, and that has worked well! I think maybe a mix of RIT Dyemore and a tiny bit of brown could work? I don't have much experience with non intense colors, sadly. I go either all out or not at all!

      I think @fishcake was able to dye her body for her dark tan Déesse, but we use different methods! Was it low and slow versus my full tilt boiling?
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    13. Yes, mine was simmer and stir for 30 minutes with all the windows open! But I adored the final color so much!
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