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Delete please

Oct 31, 2018

    1. Hello dear friends!
      On 31.10.2018-05.11.2018 everyone who purchase one pair of eyes at my shop on etsy, the second, surprise pair from my private collection gets for free (in the same size) :)
      Just in the comment in order form please write 2for1DOA :)

      Order one pair - second in the same size i will add for free ( i choose eyes pattern)
      Order 2 pairs - You will get two more pairs for free
      And to each next pair also one pair extra for free ^^
      Order 10 pairs - Yes, extra 10 pairs for freeee :)

      See you on etsy!

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    2. Promotion ends tomorrow, please be harry if You want extra free eyes! :)
    3. delete please