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delf art: CHUNG RYONG Limited

Jan 11, 2008

    1. Looks like Lu-Wen

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    2. I'm almost positive he is Lu-Wen. In the pictures, it looks like he is had elf ears. :)
    3. Hm is it really Lu? he looks hotter!!
    4. Yeah, he is definitely Lu-Wen, based on Korean Site.
      I like his sculpt; but, I don't quite like his eye shapes.
      Does anyone plan to get him?
    5. Luts have done it again again again. I was ok when they brought out Annette as a delf art because I wanted a normal one of her. But I stopped myself getting a Lu-Wen and NOW they bring out a delf-im-too-darn-pretty-and-expensive-art of him! I adore his face, especially his eyebrows (they are the same style as Azure almost) AND THAT WIG :o Not to mention he is an elf :drool

      I wonder if anyone will split him....
    6. Luts always make beautiful dolls!
    7. I love him. But I'll never be able to afford him. All I really have to have is his head...I love the faceup and the wig. I'm a sucker for white/silver haired guys.
    8. Absolutely GORGEOUS. I love him to death. ;D
    9. Yeah, I agree with you.
      But, I don't understand why LUTS keeps selling Delf Art instead of Full-Package.
      Deft Art is always overpriced for me. T____T
      I really hope they release and sell another new doll under Full-package section.
    10. He looks adorable with this traditional outfit!
      I wish I could afford him :aheartbea
    11. If you bought a LU-WEN and asked LUTS for the same faceup that CHUNG-RYONG has, do you think they would do it?
    12. It is really bad that I just want his outfit? ^^
    13. "It is really bad that I just want his outfit? ^^"
      No, I'm sure some people would be willing to split. I guess it depends on how many will be released.
    14. Sadly no ive asked them before, they said no as the face up is the limited part as well as the outfit. hope this helps
    15. No haha! I really like his wig, but I wouldnt go for everything
    16. As far as I know, Luts has still suspended custom make-up. Also, I'm not certain if you could get it exactly like that if they did. Poppy does all the makeup on the Art dolls and as far as I know she doesn't work with anything past Art dolls, and Full sets. But I could be wrong. ;D
    17. I would definitely split with someone for his outfit. It's one of the nicer period pieces that a company has produced.
    18. Yeah, you're correct, feral5!
      Sadly, Poppy only does makeup for Full-Package and Delf Art only.
    19. Yes that helps. Thank you very much. :)

      And thank you to feral5 and miakyou too. I'm new to LUTS. A bit dissapointing though.
    20. Wow!:o Luts has done it again. This delf art presentation is just plain awesome!:abow: