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Feb 28, 2007

    1. Why are they releasing so quicky???????? I'm not a fan of Soo though XP

    2. Yeah, I saw this earlier. I think Luts needs to take a little breathing time between new dolls... :sweat Although I really like Soo, and I think she's cute...
    3. But it's kind of cool in a way too how fast they update. :sweat
    4. Yeah, but most doll owners can't buy like, 4 dolls at a time... :sweat I think it's nice, but I wonder as to how nice it is for the customers who would LIKE to buy some of these dolls, and just can't.

      I do like the outfit though. I really want it. :aheartbea
    5. That is a sexy outfit. I like the tiara too. :D Is this one normal skin too?
    6. Thank you, Jesus, that she is not an elf!!!

      If she was even a normal limited, I would be tempted to get her and have someone give her elf ears.... but there is no way I am going to pay over $1000 for a doll.
    7. The dress -is- very pretty xD
    8. LUTS!! Elf Chiwoo has not even sold out yet @.@
      Give people time to breatheeee..

      This Soo looks very different.. more mature, I think.
    9. I can see people being upset if she was just another limited, but this is a Delf Art. Easily twice the cost of a Limited and very few made. I guess I see them as being in a whole different class.
    10. The pace of release is very fast :o
      And all dolls are fantastic and have beautiful faceups...:love
      So I'm waiting Shiwoo by POPPY now...

      Her wig and dress looks lovely!! :D She has a ring? She must have manicure :aheartbea
    11. Okay I want her wig like something-awful :D :D
    12. Why must i be so cashflowless?! :( Goodbye, my beautiful lady...
    13. o__o Ooooo, pretty girl with a pretty dress.... ^^
    14. I'd say one of the prettiest Soo's I've seen, but not my style :) That wig is just gorgeous though!
    15. Luts just updated with color photos.
    16. Wow wow wow!

      I wonder if the Luts artists ever get to rest with all the work they put into these dolls. I think they should ease the pace at which they release the beauties....I for one would never be able to splurge thousands on BJD within a couple of months. >______<

      But hey, GO LUTS! :D She's beautiful!
    17. Her faceup makes me literally drool...
      I don't like the style of her eyebrows though.. looks odd on a girl.
    18. What a lovely dress she's wearing :fangirl: And her hands :love
      Her eyebrows are truely by POPPY! :lol:
      I won't try her. Anyone try her?
    19. Yeah me too, actually I'm not too sure I like the new eyebrow style in general...

      But putting that aside, she's wonderfully detailed---she even has painted fingernails!! And the dress is to die for XD.
    20. She was released!
      "Releasing Only 3 sets world wide"