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delf art lolita soony - your thoughts?

Jun 6, 2007

    1. I don't think they've resculpted her, perhaps its the faceup or the hairstyle. The bangs kinda hide her face a bit.
    2. I think it's just the photo or the face up or the angle.
    3. I'm waiting to see more photos. These don't really look like Soony at all.
    4. my soony wears a wig with bangs very similar to that.... the whole head seems narrower on this girl.

      i know that on past delf-art releases, like the lupinus and perennis lishe they sanded and altered the sculpt somewhat...

    5. Ah, I think it's mostly the face-up. I mean, that's just what it looks like to me! Although, here eyebrows aren't showing, which makes her look less cute than the normal Soony. She might have had some cheek-sanding too, though... But I still think it's mostly the face-up!
    6. Yeah I think that on the face up they give the inner eye pink so it makes the eye look different, but I love delf art faceups and I love Soony, and I just bought a new doll toooo :( Oh well!
    7. i don't like the eye placement, that's what's off putting for me. oh well!
      i want those shoes though!!! :O
    8. But has anyone noticed she's wearing rocking horse shoes! EEEE Man Luts needs to sell those seperate!
    9. only 3... sigh, so small number...
    10. SHOES WANT IN BLACK *sob cry pounds floor*
    11. AGREED!!;)

      She does look somewhat different. I would say that it appears to be mainly the faceup, but something else is different too ... I think its the cheeks.

      I like this Soony, but I love mine^^
    12. She does look different to me. The new Arts tend to be different sculpts so it's not surprising or unusual.
    13. There is something a bit different about her face but I can't tell what it is... *_*

      On the other hand... I just want her outfit!! :...(
    14. [​IMG]

      Me, too~. I think she's very cute! But I can't afford full set... If they would sell dress set, I'd definitely get it...
    15. Wooaa I think they changed a bit the head, she seems different...
      Anyway i love her she is soo cute >__<
    16. About the face-up, I think it's the blush on the cheeks.
      These months Luts tends to put a lot of blush... ^^;
      And maybe the eyes seems different... I'm waiting to see more pictures. She is the first Delf Art I would wanted T_T
    17. Yes they did sand Perennis Lishe (I've always supected they modded her face somewhat). ^^

      Same with Atlack Nacha-El who I also believe is modded to have a silmmer face (even though he's not delf art).

      This particular delf art though doesn't seem modded at all in my opinion.
    18. She definitely looks like she has had some modding done to her face. My Soony always wears wigs with bangs and despite the eye placement; this doll still looks different from a typical Soony. She's cute (especially the outfit) but I'm not fond of the wig, the particular make-up or the eye colour on her. :sweat lol I guess I don't like this particular delf-art that much but it is nice to see Luts finally doing some delf-arts of Soony. Just the fact it's a Soony sort of makes me want her but I'm going to stick to my list and not get my hands on another Soony. :lol:
    19. Love the outfit more than the doll. She is pretty, but not outstanding IMO.