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Delf Boy - Harang

Aug 22, 2006

    1. Wow he is lovely ^w^ I can't wait to hear more info on him *making squealing sounds*
    2. I wanna know more too... and I'm afraid I'm gonna do something stupid =__=!! XD
    3. He lloks like a curious Shiwoo/yder mix, hehe. The sleeping head is cute!
    4. Don't you think he might be to Shiwoo as breakaway to El and Woosoo to Chiwoo?
    5. He looks kind of like a smiling Yder to me, but with Shiwoo lips. Oh this isn't good. I want him T_T
    6. Wow, very mixed feelings here. At this point, I don't like the open-eyed version too much, though I'll be looking forward to owner-pictures and seeing if that view changes. The dreaming version is gorgeous, though (and this coming from someone who's never been the greatest fan of sleeping/dreaming sculpts) I'd love it if there were an unlimited version of this guy to come later, as they did with Moon.
    7. Yeah, I think he has Shiwoo's Lips. But the eyes are seemed to big for me.

      I want more pics! T.T
    8. Yeah I was going to say that he has a mouth like Shiwoo and eyes like Yder. But he's very pretty. I would get him, but I just paid for my Namu.
    9. Exactly what I was thinking. He looks a lot like Shiwoo. If you took a dreaming Shiwoo and sanded the cheeks way down, and made the nose smaller and opened the eyes into that shape, it would look very similar. They've got pretty much the same lips, it looks like.
    10. I've never liked sleeping heads very much, but his sleeping version is SO pretty. *^* He kind of reminds me of shiwoo (lips) and nanuri (the nose? x3).
    11. I love him, expecially the sleeping version :D The open eyed head is cute, but not doing much for me..but the sleeping one is gorgeous!
    12. whew... good thing its not a girl! *____* I thought I was in trouble. :: Covers ear so she can't hear how easy it would be to change him into a her with the new one touch system ::
    13. Man, all you gotta do is just twist and pop that head off the boy body and slip it onto the new one-touch system girl body and instant female...!!


      Why, yes. Yes, I AM an enabler.

    14. :...( :...( :...( You are so evil. :...( :...( :...(

      I guess I will have to see more picture now. Gosh the sleepy head is so pruuuuuuty! :love
    15. hmm, not for me that's for sure ... the eyes don't look quite right. he actually looks a lot like Juri to me.

      still, kudos to Luts for doing a lot of different styles lately.
    16. OMG! That's Zaiaku! :aeyepop:

      I've never known what people meant when they said that a doll "was" their character... and now I do!! Holy crap! I have to have him!! Zaiaku's sister is a Soo, and I really wanted them to be from the same comapny so they would look similar and could have the same skin tone, but none of the other delf boys looked like him...... until THIS!!! :...( I REALLY hope they release him as an unlimited, oh please oh please oh please... :eusa_pray

      Guess I'd better start saving... and fast!

      .....Anybody wanna buy a sleeping Soo head...? :sweat
    17. I was just wondering last night if they were bringing out a new mould soon! :) I'm glad I don't really like him that much. Phew! XD He looks like a cross between Shiwoo and Nanuri to me. The sleeping/dreaming head is pretty though! ^_^
    18. He's.. ok.
      Just ok. Nothing that cool about him. Though I'm glad they make new molds yet I would like to see something more.. unique? XD Like DES to Soony or Lishe to Juri.. totally different..
      I would like to see totally new mold..but they keep working so.. let's hope XD
    19. At first glance, he appears to be a more matured Shiwoo. Then from some angle shoot, he reminds me of Yder. The open-eye head looks a bit weird to me (must be the shape of the eye-opening).

      But I love the sleeping head~ pity that it's not a vampire sleeping head. Anyone is interested in getting him but didn't want to keep the sleeping head ? I might be interested.